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The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn As A Typical Nobody - What We Know So Far

It's about that time again. A brand new isekai anime series is fast approaching, this time with some not-so-subtle inspirations, but a whole lot of promise in its particular spin on the concept. Based on the light novel series by Myojin Kato, "The Greatest Demon Lord is Reborn as a Typical Nobody" is pretty much what you'd expect based on the title. Conceptually similar in many ways to "The Devil Is a Part-Timer," "Greatest Demon Lord" sets itself apart through its differing character motivations.

This upcoming anime series will be developed by animation studios SILVERLINK and BLADE (via Anime News Network), and is scheduled to come out sooner than one might expect. With that in mind, it isn't a bad idea to look over the series' release date, characters, and plot just to see if it is worth getting excited. Here is what we know so far about this upcoming anime series.

What is the release date for Greatest Demon Lord?

According to the official "Greatest Demon Lord" website, the anime is scheduled to air on Japanese TV sometime in 2022. The fact that it is merely a release window is not odd, as many anime abstain from offering specific release dates until the anime is about to come out. However, the established release window does raise some questions about when and how anime fans will be able to view the series outside of Japan.

So far, none of the major anime streaming services have announced that they will be hosting "Greatest Demon Lord." This does not bode well in the face of many other anime, which are simulcast by sites like Crunchyroll or Funimation. However, it is not hopeless for "Greatest Demon Lord." The chances are high that the series will be streamed on one of the aforementioned sites for international audiences. It just might not be at the same time as the original Japanese air date.

Who are the characters in Greatest Demon Lord?

As the name implies, "Greatest Demon Lord" stars just that, a demon lord by the name of Varvatos. Being practically all-powerful, Varvatos is actually perpetually lonely until he decides to reincarnate generations later as the human Ard. Unfortunately, Ard is also a bit too strong for his own good. Neither BLADE nor SILVERLINK have revealed the actor set to portray Ard.

Despite his relatively-high power level, Ard still endeavors to find real companions, which he does in the form of his childhood friend, Irina. Not much is known about Irina, but she seems to be the only actual companion Ard has. This is in stark contrast to Ard's teachers and superiors, who are all impressed with his power and treat him differently because of it.

There are more characters in "Greatest Demon Lord," but these are the only two discussed at any length by the show's animation studios. Furthermore, none of the associated cast has been revealed.

What is the plot of Greatest Demon Lord?

Those who are fans of "The Devil Is a Part-Timer" will find that "Greatest Demon Lord" rings a number of familiar bells. For starters, it is a show about an extremely powerful demon lord becoming human and engaging in various antics (via Myanimelist). However, "Greatest Demon Lord" is different in that Varvatos actually wants to become a "typical nobody." Sadao, on the other hand, becomes human out of necessity.

Instead, Varvatos voluntarily brings himself into the human world via reincarnation simply because he hated how lonely being all-powerful had made him. He even intentionally limited his magical abilities while in human form so that he could live a more average life. The only problem is that in human society, almost nobody has any magical skills whatsoever. The seemingly modest magical abilities that Varvatos retains still make life a breeze, but in the worst possible way. He endeavors to live the typical life as the human Ard, if only everyone else would let him.