What A Ring Gun Was Really Worth On Pawn Stars

The massively famous History Channel series "Pawn Stars" certainly has a knack for showing off the coolest and rarest items we never even knew existed. The family-run World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas has had thousands of customers pass through their doors in the hopes of either selling off a prized item or catching a glimpse of the reality series' stars, Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison, and Austin "Chumlee" Russell. The three — as well as Rick's late father, Richard Benjamin Harrison – have seen some pretty outrageous items from sellers hoping to make a pretty penny, including a submarine, a vintage waffle maker, and even dinosaur eggs. Rick and the guys know a money-making deal when they see one and have coughed up to $250,000, although they have offered millions of dollars on much rarer and even more expensive items on the show.

While some sellers have walked away with a small fortune to part with their items, sellers more often than not end up with a much lower offer than they initially anticipated, even for a rare item. One such seller hoping to earn $9,000 for his vintage ring gun was left quite disappointed with the offer he got from "Pawn Stars."

This Pawn Stars seller didn't get what he was hoping for

As seen on this "Pawn Stars" episode from Season 4, the seller, Daniel, brought in his 1800s antique ring gun to Rick with the intention of selling it for $9,000, but with the help of Rick's gun expert friend Tony, that's not how things played out. The ring gun can fire six rounds, uses pinfire 4mm ammunition, and is considered one of the smallest killing devices ever invented. Ring guns are worth anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000, but with the ammunition included, they can be worth much higher, according to Tony.

After their conversation with the expert, Rick offers the seller $3,000 for the ring gun, which Daniel immediately laughs off. The seller stands by his initial offer of $9,000 and says that this gun is exceedingly rare and in great condition. Rick seems to be very intrigued by the piece and decides to take a risk and offers $7,000. The seller then counters at $8,500, which Rick had to refuse. All in all, the seller walked away with his pockets empty but with his rare firearm still in hand.