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The Frank Detail That Has Blue Blood Fans Scratching Their Heads

The CBS police procedural "Blue Bloods" is entering its 12th season, and some astute fans have recognized a strange trend in one of the characters. 

Starring Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and Bridget Moynahan, "Blue Bloods" — filmed on-site in New York — follows the Reagan family of New York City law enforcement officers. The family as a whole tackles crime, and debates tough moral questions, over Sunday family dinners. Each family member represents a different aspect of the legal process — a commissioner, a beat cop, a detective, and a prosecutor. 

"Blue Bloods" has been a hit for CBS, with an average 89% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Tom Selleck's character, Frank Reagan, is the patriarch of the family and the police commissioner. Frank's pursuit of true justice has made him a strong manager of both the police department and his family. His gruff leadership qualities, rigid objectiveness, and constant drive forward has fans discussing a particular habit of the character that is rarely commented upon — and many have chimed in with their own opinions and observations about why, exactly, Frank never seems to hang up his own coat.

Reddit users have speculated on a strange Frank Reagan habit

Fans on Reddit have some questions about Frank's unusual tic. As explained by user yyg2211, "So I've been binging this show pretty hard. On season 10 now, I can let most things go but this one thing keeps driving me crazy. Why can't Frank hang up his own jacket? He walks into his office, throws it on the chair and then Baker hangs it up about 10ft away! Maybe it's my love for Baker but this seems unnecessary, he literally passes the coat rack to sit down. Tell me I'm not alone."

Several other Reddit users then began to debate this casual observation and pondered on the meaning of it. One fan wondered if it was part of Frank Reagan's rather distinct work style, as he may be too focused on his goals to worry about such things. It does raise questions — for instance, is Frank doing it intentionally, or is it unconscious? Is he expecting her to hang it up for him? Everybody seemed to have a thought on the matter. 

Others thought there may be something else to it, regarding the interaction between him and Abigail Hawk's character, Abigail Baker. "I guess I've always just seen it as a marker of their relationship," added ohlordwhyisthishere. User Tel864, meanwhile, wrote that "Maybe the chair is fine with him and he doesn't care if the jacket is hung or not. Along comes Baker with a touch of OCD and wanting to keep the office somewhat neat, hangs it up. I don't think he expects her to hang it up." 

One thing is for certain. For whatever reason, Frank Reagan never hangs up his own jacket — and Abigail Baker is always there to pick up the slack!