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Why Blue Bloods Fans Are A Little Confused About Frank's Work Style

Law enforcement is a family game in the world of "Blue Bloods." The Irish-Catholic family of the Reagans helps keep the streets of New York safe, whether that involves Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) getting down and dirty hunting from criminals or Erin (Bridget Moynahan) defending individuals in the courtroom. They each have a role to play, and audiences keep being drawn in one season after the next to see what the crime of the week this time will be. 

Of course, there needs to be a head of the family, and on "Blue Bloods," that's Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). He's the commissioner of the NYPD, so when it comes to tackling the bureaucracy present within law enforcement, he usually finds himself on the front lines. He's the one who has to meet with politicians and people in the media to discuss plans on keeping the city safe. He may not get out in the field as often as he used to, but it's an important job nonetheless. That's makes it all the stranger that he's missing a vital workplace tool on his desk.

Where's Frank's computer?

Frank has more prudent sensibilities, but even a guy like him probably still needs to send emails once in a while, right? That's the thinking behind the latest question to take Reddit by storm, where one user asks, "Frank doesn't have a computer on his desk. My wife pointed this out tonight. I know he's old school, but surely not old school enough to do everything on paper?" It's a worthwhile observation. Any time you see Frank at his ceremonial desk, there's not a computer in sight. 

Granted, a show where a main character sends emails 70% of the time wouldn't exactly be exciting. Instead, Frank's usually seen talking to people and signing important documents. He likely has a subordinate handle a lot of the grunt work, but a computer should still be part of most police commissioners' jobs.

Fortunately, other Redditors come to the rescue with an explanation, like u/ChrisF1987: "I think the office we mainly see him in is his 'ceremonial office', he has another (smaller) office off of the meeting room that we've only seen a few times (maybe 2 or 3 times) that has a computer and seems to be where he does the actual work." Then again, u/Liamb1985 thinks there's another reason there's no computer in his main office: "In this day and age he'd still have a computer, a tablet at the very least. I mean we know what the real reason is, it would ruin the shot." It's kind of like how cars in movies rarely have headrests. Sometimes, you have to distort reality for the sake of a good shot.