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The One Terrifying Villain We Didn't See In What If...?'s Season Finale

The "What If...?" season finale was a dazzling conclusion to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's brand new venture. Serving as the first animated project in the MCU, "What If...?" gave viewers a deeper look at the multiverse on levels not depicted in "Loki." The new series has proven to be a welcome addition for any dedicated Marvel fan.

Based on the comic books of the same name, the series contains some villains audiences already know well from the films, including Killmonger, Batroc the Leaper, and the Red Skull. However, audiences are also treated (or subjected) to some more terrifying antagonists — notably, the big bad of the whole series, the powerful and unrelenting Ultron.

In the "What If...?" finale, we see the newly appointed Guardians of the Multiverse join with the Watcher and Strange Supreme to take down Ultron. Strange's magical abilities ultimately save the team, but to defeat Ultron, he has summon some creepy villains from a past episode. One villain, though, remained safely in their own universe, and we're somewhat surprised they didn't show up to the party.

Zombie Thanos is absent from the "What If...? finale

Early in the battle with Ultron, Strange Supreme employs his portal-creating abilities to bring back one of the scariest elements of "What If...?" — the zombies. As we saw in Episode 5, there's a universe where a zombie virus has taken over, which takes out some of our favorite Avengers. Strange Supreme opts to bring the zombies to battle to defeat Ultron, but as he tells Thor, it's "what comes with the zombies" that really matters — and we find out he's referring to a zombified Scarlet Witch who is hellbent on destruction. Unfortunately, she is no match for Ultron's enormous power.

However, the one villain we're shocked didn't show up to help defeat Ultron in the finale is Zombie Thanos. The terrifying villain first appeared in the shocking ending of Episode 5, wielding all six Infinity Stones and just as blood-thirty as the rest of the zombies. However, after his brief cliffhanger appearance, he was not seen again.

We can't imagine this version of Thanos would have been too much help to Strange and the Guardians of the Multiverse, so we understand why he didn't show up. It's also possible two different sets of Infinity Stones in one battle might have been too much to follow. Still, with the prospect of a live-action Marvel Zombies project heavily rumored — and all things possible thanks to the multiverse — there's still hope we'll see the Mad Titan in his flesh-hungry form again.