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The First Trailer For Red Rocket Just Hit The Internet

We've got our first look at the upcoming A24 feature "Red Rocket." The first trailer for the new movie arrives just a few months after its debut at Cannes, where it garnered lots of acclaim for the performance turned in its lead actor (via Rotten Tomatoes). Finally, it's the fans' turn to see what all the fuss is about — and it's truly a wild ride.

Marking an unexpected comeback of awards-worthy proportions, Simon Rex, the former MTV VJ and "Scary Movie" star, appears to be giving it his all (and then some) as a man on a mission to get his life back on track in "Red Rocket." Deemed as "an absolute blast" by SlashFilm, the new dramedy comes from "Tangerine" and "The Florida Project" director Sean Baker, who also co-wrote the movie with Chris Bergoch. Baker's new tale follows Mikey (Rex), a failed adult movie star who returns to his industrial hometown located on the Gulf Coast of Texas. After years out in Hollywood, he receives a less-than-warm reception from his friends. Forced to shack up with his wife (Bri Elrod) and mother-in-law (Brenda Deiss), whom he abandoned to go out west, Mikey does everything he can to make an honest living and get his act together. That is until he meets a young woman (Suzanna Son) who changes his outlook on life.

Red Rocket looks lit thanks to Simon Rex

The trailer for "Red Rocket" teases a rollercoaster ride as Mikey (Simon Rex) tries to get a fresh start. A tense reunion with his ex-wife and a series of awkward job interviews, including one where he reveals he's been working in adult films for nearly 20 years to a stunned interviewer, set the stage. From here, things get a little out of control and unnecessarily complicated for Mikey as the road to get back on track is met with a few potholes. The locals (played by Ethan Darbone, Brittney Rodriguez, and Judy Hill) don't care for our hero's recent return, and they definitely aren't ready to let him forget about his previous career path. Mikey doesn't appear interested in atoning for past sins; he's focused on finding a successful way forward, no matter the cost.

Even with this initial teaser, it's clear just how a perfect fit Rex is in the role of Mikey. What's totally unexpected is the immense critical praise he's received for his effort. In the Observer's review, Rex's performance was deemed "hilarious" and "self-reflexive," while IGN said in their review that he gives "a powerful turn." Could the man who famously spoofed "8 Mile" in a "Scary Movie" film really be a name that's headed into the awards season conversation? Looks like we'll find out in a few months when the movie finally arrives in theaters.

Be sure to stand at a safe distance (or from the comfort of a theater seat) when "Red Rocket" flies into cinemas on December 3.