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Why Walking Dead Fans Are Angry With Yumiko After Season 11 Episode 7

One of the biggest developments in the eleventh and final season of "The Walking Dead" has been the introduction of the Commonwealth. Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), Ezekiel (Khary Payton), and Princess (Paola Lázaro) arrived at its gates at the beginning of the season and after an intense interview process, they were ushered into the advanced and very rule-abiding community. However, the integration hasn't exactly gone smoothly.

While Eugene has found himself getting into non-stop trouble (and potentially being deceived), Yumiko is dealing with an even more complicated situation thanks to the surprise that her brother, Tomi (Ian Anthony Dale), is a full-fledged Commonwealth citizen. We'd heard her mention having a brother a few times during her run on the show, but finding him in the Commonwealth was a big surprise. Adding to Yumiko's shock is the fact that Tomi, who was a successful surgeon in the before-times, is now happily working as a baker.

Tomi's change of career was his own way of using the apocalypse as an opportunity to start fresh. He enjoys the slower pace of life and lack of responsibility that not having a high-powered job comes with, something that Yumiko, a lawyer who is eager to put her pre-apocalypse career to use at the Commonwealth, can't comprehend. It has led to her loudly asking about his decision all over the Commonwealth and fans on Reddit aren't happy that she doesn't know how to keep a secret.

Fans are worried that Yumiko is going to blow up Tomi's spot

On the episode discussion thread for "Promises Broken," fans of the show had a bone to pick with Yumiko about how close she keeps coming to revealing her brother's secret.

Reddit user u/aqvamarine13 was one of the many who noted Yumiko's lack of cool. "Tomi has told her that he doesn't want them to know he was a doctor," they pointed out, "and Yumiko keeps yelling YOURE A DOCTOR every chance she gets."

User u/LuigiMan26 was also put off by this, so much so that they wrote, "After the first time she did it I got viscerally angry ..." While it might seem like a relatively innocuous bit of sibling concern trolling, Yumiko's blabbermouth could end up having enormous consequences for Tomi. If we've learned one thing about the Commonwealth during Season 11, it's that they follow a very strict set of rules and are really not super down with the whole concept of "free will." Should officials of the settlement find out that Tomi was once a surgeon, there's no doubt that they would force him back into the practice against his wishes, and there may even be consequences for the fact that he tried to keep it a secret.

Some fans are even worried that Yumiko will spill the beans on purpose. User u/JustADutchRudder predicted, "She's gonna tell [Commonwealth Governor Pamela Milton] her brother is a doctor." Considering Yumiko has been interviewing for a job with Milton, it's not a far-fetched theory.

Ultimately, "The Walking Dead" fans have a clear message for Yumiko going forward: quit snitching.