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The Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 Episode 3 Moment That Makes No Sense To Fans

"Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" has crossed over with "Law and Order: Organized" crime several times since the latter's debut earlier this year. The first major crossover event of the fall came in Episode 2 of "SVU's" 23rd season. Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) join together to take down a rapist who also happens to be a local crime boss. All goes according to plan, kind of, and the suspect is taken into custody while the crime-fighting duo subdues an international mobster in the process.

Things take a drastic turn in Season 2, Episode 2 of "Organized Crime," which follows right after. The story pivots to Elliot and his undercover work with an Albanian gang. After stopping an impending bloodbath between the Albanians and Italians, Elliot is celebrated by his new friends. He kisses a woman, who slips a drug in his mouth, and he leaves the party and stumbles down the city streets to Olivia's apartment. When she opens the door, Episode 3 begins, and we finally find out what was written in Elliot's letter.

It turns out the letter is not what we thought. It was written by Elliot's late wife, Kathy, and basically stated that what he and Olivia had in the past was never real and said they got in each other's way. The letter reveal has fans scratching their heads, as some believe the moment makes no sense.

Why did Elliot give Olivia the letter?

Elliot Stabler first gives Olivia Benson the letter in the first episode of "Law and Order: Organized Crime," not too long after Kathy dies. Now that fans know the contents of the letter and that Kathy wrote most of it, viewers are wondering why Elliot even gave it to Liv. The letter was originally going to be given to her at a ceremony celebrating women in law enforcement, but that didn't work out when the car bomb went off the same night, putting Kathy in the hospital.

Now that Kathy is dead, why did Elliot feel the need to give Olivia the letter? He didn't write most of it, and it didn't capture his true feelings for his former partner. One viewer asked the question on Twitter, writing, "But...why did he still give her the letter? Kathy already died. Why give it to her at all if he didn't write it and had her thinking something else?" Some responded that he wasn't in his right mind, and grief was clouding his judgment. Other fans suggested it was the writers trying to "drag this storyline" further.

Elliot must have figured that the letter would hurt Olivia's feelings, so why he decides to give it to her even though Kathy is dead is somewhat confusing. Thankfully, he explains it all to Olivia — albeit while high as a kite — and hopefully, the pair can move on. Elliot does clarify that the last line in the letter, "it will always be you and I," was all him, noting he added it in secretly before sealing it away in an envelope. That line has been a saving grace for fans, who were otherwise shocked about the rest of the letter's contents.

Only time will tell how Olivia and Elliot will move on, and we'll be anxiously awaiting until the next crossover event, which is likely to come in the 500th episode of "SVU," which will also see the return of a fan-favorite character.