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Get An Extended Look At Cletus Kasady's Transformation In Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Carnage, the chaotic child of the Venom symbiote, has been around since 1992 in the realm of Marvel Comics. In the intervening decades, he's proven, again and again, to be a thorn in the side of both Spider-Man and Venom in equal measure. On the movie side of things, it's only been since 2018's "Venom" that we've known Woody Harrelson would take on the role of the serial killer Cletus Kasady, who acts as host to Carnage. Three years is a long time in movie terms, and fans have obviously waited long enough to see how exactly Harrelson's Kasady and Carnage will play together.

With the sequel film "Venom: Let There Be Carnage," there's been a question lingering: How do you reintroduce a classic villain like Carnage? The heat is on in an exceptional way for Carnage to be truly evil, since Tom Hardy's version of Eddie Brock aka Venom is decidedly more heroic than his comic book counterpart was in the early days.

In the context of all that's been laid down in the Sony Venom-verse, what's the best way to introduce Carnage for a new generation? Apparently, you bring him forth in the midst of the administration of lethal injection. In the latest clip from "Let There Be Carnage," we get to see exactly how Kasady becomes Carnage. 

In short, it is not pretty — and that's exactly what Carnage fans were hoping for.

Something wicked this way comes

"Soon comes chaos. Chaos soon come." These are the words Cletus Kasady speaks in what should be his final moments of life. However, as the relatives of those he's brutally killed assemble to watch his termination at the hands of the state, the Carnage symbiote works its way through his blood, forcing the poison out and beginning Kasady's transformation.

As any horror fan knows, the scariest things aren't what we do see, but what we don't. And like some unholy cryptid, slowly dragging itself out from another plane of existence, we see darkness, we see tentacles, and we hear screams — this is Carnage. The rest of this clip plays out less like "Psycho" and more like the police precinct scene from James Wan's latest film "Malignant." Not only do we watch Carnage go on a killing spree in the prison he was meant to die in, but we also get to see him turn into a giant, tentacled tornado — and if that doesn't sell you on this movie, honestly what will?

"Venom: Let There Be Carnage" is in theaters beginning on October 1.