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Encanto's First Full-Length Trailer Has The Internet Spellbound

Disney's newest musical adventure, "Encanto," dances into theaters just in time to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday. Co-directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard, the makers of "Zootopia," the animated fantasy centers on the Madrigals, a Colombian family living in an enchanted house in the mountains. The movie stars "Brooklyn 99" actor Stephanie Beatriz as the voice of Mirabel, along with Wilmer Valderrama, Diane Guerrero, and Angie Cepeda.

In a house that comes alive, and where everyone has a magical ability, Mirabel is the only family member without a special gift. When something strange starts to happen to the house, and the magic begins to fade, Mirabel takes it upon herself to go on a quest to bring it back. Now that the first full-length trailer for "Encanto" has finally arrived, we can get a sneak peek at what sort of adventures are in store for Mirabel and the Madrigals.

The Encanto trailer brings magic to life

The trailer for "Encanto" begins with a bit of backstory. Mirabel's abuela, the matriarch of the Madrigal family, holds a candle as she tells the story of how the object brought their house and magic to life. We are then introduced to more of the Madrigal family — Camilo (Rhenzy Feliz), a shape-shifter, Antonio (Ravi-Cabot Conyers), who can speak to animals, Luisa (Jessica Darrow), who has super strength, and Isabela (Diane Guerrero), who can make flowers bloom wherever she goes.

The internet is already in love with Disney's next offering. On Twitter, @ForBTSIGuess is still reeling: "I'm still crying over Vivo...GIVE ME A SECOND," and @casualkief simply said, "I cannot wait to watch this." Meanwhile, over on Reddit, u/carolnuts posted this to the r/movies thread containing the trailer: "I know this movie sounds so far as a generic Disney movie, this time in Latin America, but I found myself pretty emotional to see a Latina girl with a big nose, glasses and short curly hair in the screen. Representation is important! I'm glad Disney is pushing for diversity."

"Encanto" will feature original songs by Lin Manuel Miranda, whom musical theater fans will remember as the creator of "In the Heights" and "Hamilton." He also wrote the songs for Disney's "Moana." Fans can see "Encanto" in theaters on November 24, and on Disney+ 30 days later, December 24.