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Fans Of Archer Just Got Fantastic News

There's no stopping a charming gentleman spy, even one as inept as Sterling Archer (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin). The main character of the animated spy comedy "Archer" has gone on several strange adventures over the show's 12 seasons, as the show has taken its characters from dangerous islands and pulp fiction-inspired dreamlands to Florida and even space. The show has continued to be successful, even though it hasn't been entirely without losses — the worst of which was without doubt the devastating death of Jessica Walter, the comedy legend who voiced Archer's mother, the espionage matriarch Mallory. 

12 seasons is a long time for any show, but "Archer" has been crushing it pretty much throughout its run, winning many awards and scoring even more nominations on the way. Knowing this, it's easy to suspect that viewers are eager to hear news about the show's future. Fortunately, the news are now in — and they're fantastic for "Archer" fans.

Archer will be back for season 13

Fans who have been worried that Season 12 might be the last one for "Archer" can now relax, because FXX just ordered another season of the show (per Collider). "Archer" Season 13 will arrive at some point of 2022. As H. Jon Benjamin jokingly told Looper in an exclusive interview in 2020, he's game for plenty more, too. 

"I assume he's going to get, he'll go into another coma after maybe four or five more seasons," the voice actor said, referring to the seasons that focused on dreams his character had while in a coma. "And then they'll do three more coma seasons and just repeat the process every decade until I pass away."

The biggest question Season 12 will have to answer is its approach to the character of Mallory Archer – though we already do know that the show intends to address Jessica Walter's death in a fairly substantial fashion.  

"If we're lucky enough to get a Season 13, we have ideas of how we want to proceed with it,"  executive producer Casey Willis has stated. "And we're talking about how the characters are going to react and how we even want to portray it. So I don't want to talk too much about it, because I don't want to jinx getting Season 13. But also I think the way we're going to handle it also, some of it's going to be revealed at the end of 12. But I think we've come up with some good ideas on how to handle it."