Ghost Rider Will Return For Agents Of Shield Season 4 Finale

Things are about to heat up again on Agents of SHIELD.

TVLine reports that Gabriel Luna will be back as Ghost Rider in the season 4 finale "World's End." Apparently, ABC kept enough cash around to give the CGI-heavy Robbie Reyes another ride.

According to the report, Ghost Rider will make a surprising return to help Coulson (Clark Gregg) try to stop Aida (Mallory Jansen) from, well, ending the world.

We first met Reyes in the season 4 premiere, but the character went absent after the mid-season finale when he sacrificed himself in a quantum explosion, taking his evil uncle (Jose Zuniga) with him.

How do you come back from something like that? Well, the guy has a flaming skull for a head, so you can't rule him out for anything. Both the Agents of Shield Twitter account and Luna teased the reappearance.

The season 4 finale will air May 16. Until then, take a look at how the show brought Ghost Rider to life and how the character should really look according to the comics.