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Why Rory's Name In Lucifer Means More Than You Think

Contains spoilers for Season 6 of "Lucifer"

Some traits run even in celestial families.

Just as Lucifer (Tom Ellis) fought with his father, so too does his daughter Rory (Brianna Hildebrand), who time travels to get revenge on hers, as he's been absent for most of her life. A good portion of the final "Lucifer" season is devoted to the mystery surrounding Rory: who she is, what she wants, and how her father came to abandon her. As these answers unravel, Lucifer and Rory's future mother Chloe (Lauren German) manage to convince their daughter of their love, prevent the Apocalypse from destroying Earth, and answer the mystery of Lucifer's disappearance before season's end (He's fine; he went by choice.)

But rage and eventual reconciliation with one's parents aren't the only inheritances Rory picked up from her father's side. Her name, too, is an heirloom, at least from one version of her family, though not necessarily the shows. Rory is so named not because her parents were big fans of "Gilmore Girls," famous golfers, or the youngest Culkin sibling. Instead, it's short for Aurora, which has some fans on Reddit applauding the show for doing its homework.

The mythological origins of Rory's name

In a subreddit dedicated to "Lucifer," one fan explained the meaning behind Rory's name. "Lucifer isn't originally a Christian figure, he was the son of Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn before he was absorbed by Christianity and associated with the devil who is more commonly known as Satan," Redditor u/Nataku81 wrote.

In "Lucifer," the genealogy doesn't quite work out, so Rory is named after her grandmother. Lucifer and his brother Amenadiel are the children of the goddess of all creation (Tricia Helfer), whom Lucifer calls "Mum." Instead, it's a fun nod to the character's origins and a bit of light-centered theming to the family tree, with Aurora meaning "dawn" and Lucifer meaning "light-bringer." Interesting names, perhaps, for a lounge lizard nightclub owner and his patricidal goth girl daughter, but at least the irony lives on for another generation too.

Season 6 of "Lucifer" is now streaming on Netflix.