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Schitt's Creek Bloopers Funnier Than The Original Scene

In its final year on air "Schitt's Creek" swept the Emmys, making up for years of fans crying its name at awards ceremonies. The Canadian comedy from the minds of Eugene Levy and son Dan Levy began as a social commentary poking fun at a displaced wealthy family, too stuck up to survive in a small town. Eventually, it made a heartwarming show about finding the meaning of family and plenty of other messages that sound far too corny typed out. But that's the brilliance of "Schitt's Creek." Making those corny emotions feel real.

It's the fact that the cast is so good at selling their characters that seeing them break in blooper reels is so satisfying. Not to mention hilarious. Some of the outtakes are even funnier than the original scene they were shooting. These are some of the funniest "Schitt's Creek" bloopers from throughout its six season run.

Moira's winery ad had some classic Catherine O'Hara outtakes

One of the funniest moments on "Schitt's Creek" was Moira's winery ad. It was the moment in Season 1 when the show began locating its sense of humor, producing the first classic bit that fans would go on to reference for years. Catherine O'Hara began to shine as Moira, and then all the other characters started to fall into place.

Lucky for us, the outtakes for this sequence (found at 1:42) are equally as funny. While giving one of her monologues for the commercial, O'Hara routinely reaches for a wine glass that is just out of her reach. Multiple takes show her doing this in the same way. This hilarious goof-up feels like it could very well have been included in the final product and would have hit the character's wine-drunk state at the time. 

Eugene Levy and Chris Elliot had a blast filming the golf lesson scene

Fans will recall the hilarious, extremely "intimate" golfing scene (found at 11:13) between Roland (Chris Elliott) and Johnny Rose. In this blooper showing the attempt to teach Stevie how to golf, Johnny demonstrates by adjusting Roland's grip in the only way he knows how — going hands on. This innuendo-filled scene was already a highlight of the season. It was also apparently too funny for them to get through without constantly breaking out into laughter and riffing on each other.

The best part is when the two comedians are riffing so hard you can hear Emily Hampshire cackling off screen. It's a joyous bit of interplay between two actors, who had to pretend they hated each other for many years. Clearly there was a lot of love between these two veteran comedy performers who both rose to prominence — Elliott in "Get a Life," "Cabin Boy" and numerous David Letterman appearances and Levy in "SCTV"-related projects and movies like the original "National Lampoon's Vacation" — at about the same time.

Catherine O'Hara and Dan Levy can't make it through the pyramid scheme pitch

Another early highlight in "Schitt's Creek" is "Allez-Vous" (Season 1, Episode 8), the episode where Moira was tricked into participating in a pyramid scheme. After getting sent a starter cosmetic kit for the mysterious brand Allez-Vous, Moira and David decided (rather foolishly) to be the local reps for the brand in Schitt's Creek. They organized a meeting with the local women, and eventually learned it was all a scam.

But apparently before they got through the scene, Dan Levy and Catherine O'Hara could not stop cracking up. As O'Hara delivers Moira's entirely dumbfounded speech (seen in this blooper at 2:08, she keeps cracking and needing to start her lines over.

Meanwhile, Levy is supposed to be pouring glasses of champagne, but can't because he's keeling over in laughter. But it's not just the two comedy stars that can't keep a straight face during this take — eventually the whole room erupts into laughter, multiple times over. 

Dan Levy and Chris Elliot's on camera burps

A lot of great "Schitt's Creek" bloopers are a series of small moments, edited together to hilarious effect. These little breaks and quips give us insight into the making of a series we love, while making us feel like we are on set sharing in a part of the magic.  

The best moments like these might be the back-to-back belches (1:30) of Dan Levy And Chris Elliott. These are some loud, nasty on-camera burps. For some reason, the camera was rolling on Chris Elliot as he was downing his morning coffee and donut. He realized that the "private moment" he wasn't so private after all, and apparently decided to reward the crew. These two moments are from separate shoots, but the editing team stitched them together in a way that leads to one of the funniest moments of the "Schitt's Creek" blooper reel.

Dan Levy whacks Annie Murphy with a clothesline

Some of the best sitcom bloopers come and go in a minute. Blink and you might miss this short outtake at 1:13 in the full "Schitt's Creek" blooper reel. While filming a Season 1 scene, Dan Levy comes from behind a clothesline, dragging it with him, and accidentally hits Annie Murphy in the face. Don't worry, none of your favorite actors were harmed during the filming of the scene. 

Annie starts to deliver the line "I'm looking for a guy ..."  when Dan Levy comes out of nowhere, nudging her with a white sheet drying on the clothesline. He looks confused, but whether that is Dan's confusion or David's is hard to say. The best part is how in-character Murphy's reaction is. Her hands shoot up and she wriggles about. She doesn't say it, but in your head it's easy to imagine the shrill voice of Alexis crying out "David!" after this innocuous slip-up. 

Chris Elliott grosses out Emily Hampshire

If you read the earlier slide and were grossed out by Chris Elliot's gnarly burp, you have another thing coming with the actor's next slimy goof-up, found at 3:04 of this blooper reel

It's another blooper from the later seasons, where Elliot does another disgusting thing caught on camera. Hampshire stands behind the motel front desk during an exchange between Stevie and Roland, but Elliot messes up his line and the scene breaks while the two banter pleasantly ... or so it seems, until a slimy string of mucus drips out and then back into his nose.

It happened so quick that the editors even included a slow motion close-up shot in the bloopers — just in case you missed the snot shot. Emily Hampshire's reaction is one of genuine surprise and disgust. The grossest part is how it went immediately back up into Elliot's nose, like some kind of snot yo-yo.

Catherine O'Hara sings "Danny Boy"

There was a memorable scene in the episode "Carl's Funeral" (Season 1, Episode 9) where Johnny was desperately struggling to give a eulogy for someone he barely knew. Having found themselves subjected to a series of unfortunate shenanigans, Moira and Johnny stumbled into being front and center at the funeral — and to get Johnny to shut up, Moira burst out into a verse of "Danny Boy," serenading Jocelyn, Roland and the others.

The eulogy was a highlight of the first season of "Schitt's Creek," and watching this blooper from the outtake reel (3:34) gives a fun peek at an extended take, as O'Hara turns her drama nob up past 11. Eugene Levy's commitment to the bit here is also worth noting, as no matter how absurd her singing becomes, he sticks with the bit. Keep in mind too, that this was early on in the series' run, so both actors were still very much developing the characters — and their dynamic together — in moments like this.

"Screwing your son isn't funny." - Emily Hampshire workshops a line with Eugene Levy

The next clip is not only funny, but offers some valuable insight into how the "Schitt's Creek" actors would improv and collaborate to make scenes funnier — and how even one single word could mean the difference between a perfectly-punctuated moment of comedy and something that undersells the moment.

During a blooper taken from a Season 1 scene featuring David and Stevie in the motel room, Emily Hampshire can be seen workshopping the script with Eugene Levy in a delightful exchange found at 3:49 in the full blooper reel. Eugene Levy is standing on the other side of the front door, giving constructive feedback: What's the funniest way for Stevie to make an offhand joke about having sex with David?

"Banging your son was funny," Hampshire remarks to Levy about the original line. "But screwing your son isn't funny. But maybe ... doing your son?"

Eugene Levy is slightly seen, but can be heard discussing the logistics along with her. What might just make it even funnier is the sight of Dan Levy in the foreground, laying on the bed and taking in the conversation — at one point, Hampshire even seems to look over at him for input.

Catherine O'Hara gets cupcake on her face

Sometimes the best actor moments can be the most simple. Take this great blooper from Season 2 (1:06 in the video), where the audience gets the great pleasure (and discomfort) of watching two great comedic actors ... eat dessert. Yup, that's right.  Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara are seen chowing down on what appear to be some cupcakes in this behind-the-scenes look at "Schitt's Creek." It would be pretty unremarkable, if not for Catherine O'Hara's big embarrassing moment.

At the end of the clip, she ravenously takes a large bite of the cake. She then turns to the camera, realizes she got something on her face, and immediately turns away and hides her head. The look on O'Hara's face is terrific, and Levy's reaction is classic. He looks over and says "Did you do a thing?" and gestures to his face. O'Hara, dejectedly, nods along. 

Annie Murphy's fake driving is hilarious

It has happened to us all — you're watching a movie or TV show, and the actor is trying so hard to remember lines that they are clearly forgetting to steer the wheel at appropriate moments, and you're so distracted by the instinct of fearing a potential car crash that you get taken out of the scene.

Clearly, Annie Murphy is both aware of this, and happy to play with it during the series' driving scenes. There's a brief, funny moment in the "Schitt's Creek" Season 3 blooper reel where Dan Levy and Murphy are filming a scene in a car (at 1:16), and she just begins playfully spinning the wheel.

For this car scene, Annie was in the driver's seat while Dan sat next to her. Absent-mindedly, she began to pantomime driving the car in a hysterical, exaggerated motion. It's another moment that shows the cast having a great time on the "Schitt's Creek" set. 

No one can make it through the scene before the barn dance

The Season 1 finale barn dance hosted by Mutt (Timothy James Rozon) was a tender moment in the show that set the tone for future episodes. But the scene before it, which had the Roses gathered and doing their best to put themselves together before they enter, might just be the hardest fans ever saw Catherine O'Hara laugh — at least, it was during this blooper reel (at 4:14), when she simply could not say the word "gorgeous." 

Doubling over with laughter, it looks as though the Rose matriarch might have taken a tumble had it not been for her son.

Moments like this are not only adorable, but also offer some insight into the loose, freewheeling tone on set that day, which ultimately resulted in some classic scenes. None of the Rose family members could keep a straight face as they laughed their way through the scene where they were  about to go in. Other highlights included Eugene Levy trying to nail the line "Can we go in?" line, while his son swore up a storm.

Dan Levy tries to lift a mannequin

One of the best small storylines of Season 2 is when David gets a job at the Blouse Barn, a woman's clothing store one town over from Schitt's Creek. As hard as he tries to make this first step in his new career work, David simply cannot stand the job.  These episodes provided plenty of hilarious cringe moments, but the bloopers (found at 1:48) show a scene just as funny and awkward as the one that made it to air, if not funnier. 

In pure David fashion, Dan Levy tries awkwardly to move a lady shaped mannequin. As he tries to get a grip on her, he realizes he is on camera and doesn't want to grab her by the crotch or touch the figure inappropriately. How thoughtful of him. What makes the scene is Levy's awkward dance as he tries to find the right place to appropriately lift the mannequin from the stand to the ground.