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Extraction 2's First Look Confirms What We Suspected All Along

Fans of the 2020 action film "Extraction" got their first sneak peek at the sequel, "Extraction 2," during Netflix fan event Tudum. The action movie is based on the Ande Parks graphic novel "Ciudad" and was written by "Avengers: Endgame" co-director Joe Russo. Additionally, "Extraction" serves as the feature film directorial debut of stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave. The Netflix original follows Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a former special forces soldier turned mercenary recruited to rescue Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), the kidnapped son of a drug lord. As the movie progresses, Tyler and Ovi fight their way through Dhaka, Bangladesh, and face some serious enemies along the way.

The Netflix pic was a massive success and became the most-streamed title in its opening weekend (via The Numbers). In May, Deadline reported Russo had secured a deal to write "Extraction 2," with Hargrave and Hemsworth likely returns to the franchise. Filming on the sequel was supposed to take place in Australia but was recently moved to Prague due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic (via Variety).

On Saturday, Hemsworth appeared at the Tudum event to share new (albeit brief) footage from "Extraction 2." The exciting clip gave fans a first look at the sequel and answered a big question that viewers had about the ending of the first film.

Chris Hemsworth's character, Tyler Rake, will be back for Extraction 2

Netflix's first look at "Extraction 2" (via YouTube) replays a few key moments from the end of "Extraction." We see Tyler Rake's last stand as he sustains gunshot wounds before falling over the side of a very high bridge. As these moments play out, we hear a voiceover speaking about his reckless nature and pursuit of danger. The scene continues, picking up at the bottom of the river as another voice reminds Tyler that he will only drown if he stays under the water. The camera follows Tyler as he opens his eyes, pushes off the ground, and swims to the surface. The audience hears Rake take a breath, and then a title card shows the hashtag "#RakeLives." Following this shot, a formal announcement reveals "Extraction 2," the sequel to the 2020 film, will be coming soon.

The possibility of Tyler Rake's survival was teased in the final shot of "Extraction." In that scene, viewers see Ovi practicing holding his breath underwater, much like Tyler does earlier in the movie. As Ovi rises to the surface, a person who looks like Tyler (but is out of focus) appears to be watching him. With the return of Tyler Rake confirmed for "Extraction 2," more news about the Chris Hemsworth sequel should emerge in the coming months.