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Teen Wolf Revival Movie Headed To Paramount+

The supernatural teen drama "Teen Wolf" first aired on MTV for six seasons before ending up on Amazon Prime Video in the wake of its cancellation. It stars Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, a teenager about to enter his sophomore year of high school upon the series' opening. The title "Teen Wolf" is in reference to the fact that Scott is bitten and transformed into a werewolf the night before the start of his sophomore year, after which he becomes acquainted with various supernatural creatures and phenomena in his hometown of Beacon Hills, California.

In 2017, MTV canceled "Teen Wolf" after six seasons in large part due to the fact that Chris McCarthy, the new-at-the-time president of MTV parent company ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks, decided that MTV should pivot almost entirely to reality TV. That said, "Teen Wolf" may have already been on its way out due to a combination of declining ratings and some of the stars joining other projects.

Now, however, fans of the TV show finally have some good news, four years after the premiere of the finale. A movie sequel to "Teen Wolf" is headed to Paramount+, continuing the series' story for the first time since its cancellation.

Young adult wolf

According to Variety, series showrunner Jeff Davis will write and executive produce a film that will act as a story continuation to the existing six seasons of "Teen Wolf," as part of a multi-project deal with MTV Entertainment Studios. Each of the Davis-helmed projects will be released to Paramount+, including the "Teen Wolf" sequel. Talks are still ongoing with the original cast of the TV show, so the return of Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, and others have yet to be confirmed.

The plot of the "Teen Wolf" film, per Variety, kicks off when a yet-to-be-named "terrifying evil" appears in Beacon Hills. Scott McCall, who is no longer a teenager but still very much a werewolf, will have to assemble a team of allies comprised of both new friends and old acquaintances in order to stop the new threat to his hometown.

Variety also notes that all six seasons of "Teen Wolf" will become available on Paramount+ in December. So, while the streamer has yet to even broadly outline a release schedule for the "Teen Wolf" movie, those hoping to catch up on the series prior to its release will soon be able to do so in the months leading up to its eventual premiere.