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The Unexpected MCU Couple Fans Are Cheering For In What If...? Episode 7

A lot was going on in Episode 7 of "What If...?" as Thor travels to Earth to throw an intergalactic party with a thousand of his closest friends. There were cameos from several famous MCU players, including Loki, Nebula, Korg, Mantis, Drax, Rocket Racoon, and the Grandmaster. Most of these characters served as partygoers who joined Thor on Earth for his rager and didn't contribute much to the story.

Some supporting characters who played a more significant part included Darcy Lewis and Jane Foster. The duo was the first to witness Thor entering the atmosphere and approached him when he started his first party in Las Vegas. As expected with Darcy, she offered up a good bit of comedy in the episode and had several one-liners that had viewers chuckling. However, something that definitely was not expected was a romantic connection between the intern and a blast from Marvel's past.

Darcy, meet Howard

While in Las Vegas, one of the partygoers is Howard the Duck, a Marvel Comics character who first appeared in "Adventure into Fear" #19 in 1973. Howard was given his own film in 1986, which has an abysmal 14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Episode 7 of "What If...?" is the third appearance of the Duckworldian in the MCU as he appeared in the end-credits scene of "Guardians of the Galaxy" and had a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo in "Avengers: Endgame."

In the episode, Darcy points out Howard in Vegas and calls him a "loser," and he responds by giving her a jab about being a brunette. Shortly after, he asks her to get some half-priced nachos, and Darcy agrees but confirms that it's not a date. "Let's just see where this evolves," Howard responds. A montage begins to recap the events of the evening, and we see that Darcy and Howard end up getting married by an Elvis impersonator. It's the plot twist no one saw coming in an episode with one ridiculous moment after another.

Over on Twitter, "What If...?" viewers got the couple trending and joked about how exciting their marriage was. "This duck is living THE LIFE," one user tweeted. "Ngl Howard and Darcy kinda make a cute couple," another added. While we don't expect to see this union cross over to live-action any time soon, the wedding of Darcy and Howard the Duck is one we'll never forget.