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What If...? Episode 7 Explained

Finally! There is an episode of "What If...?" that doesn't involve the brutal death of Tony Stark or the end of the universe. Episode 7 of the popular animated series was quite a fun ride, as Thor took center stage. The episode focused on the idea of what would happen in another universe if Thor was an only child. A brief recap of this timeline showed viewers that in this instance, Odin returned an abandoned Loki to Jouteinheim, where Laufey took him back with open arms — and a smile.

With Thor an only child, he didn't face the same challenges that he did with a brother by his side. He grew up spoiled and didn't need to combat a mischievous and villainous sibling, making for a smooth ride throughout life. Party Thor travels from planet to planet, having a wicked good time while bringing the citizens of other galaxies along for the ride. After his father falls into the Odinsleep, Frigga takes off to visit her sister, leaving Thor alone on Asgard. The God of Thunder decides to travel to Midgard, aka Earth, to throw the rager of a lifetime.

A little party never killed nobody

Thor only wants to have a good time on Earth, but his partying ways could cause serious issues. His arrival on the planet causes Jane Foster to contact SHIELD about an unidentified alien race entering the atmosphere, which leads to the agency tracking him down. While Jane falls for Thor in the same way she does in the Sacred Timeline, SHIELD does not. Led by Agent Maria Hill, the government organization seeks to eliminate Thor and attempts to do so with the help of Captain Marvel.

It's a relatively simple episode compared to the six that have come before it, as the majority of its run sees Captain Marvel and Thor go back and forth in battle. This was a fun fight for fans to watch, as the question of who is more powerful between the two has been a discussion topic amongst MCU stans for quite some time. Unfortunately, we never find out who is the most powerful as Frigg comes to Earth just in time to stop the fight at a pivotal moment. With mommy there to slap his wrist, Thor cleans up Earth, and all is right with the world.

Infinity Ultron steals the show

Episode 7 serves as a nice break from the drama we witnessed over the last several weeks. That doesn't mean it isn't without gloom and doom, however. In the episode's last-minute, Thor asks Jane on a date and then walks off into the desert. The Watcher delivers another fun speech but is interrupted when Infinity Ultron comes through a portal onto Earth. He possesses all of the Infinity Stones, and the AI has also infiltrated Vision's body, which was the ultimate goal in "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

The episode ends promptly after that, but there is one big takeaway here. The Watcher's surprise at seeing Infinity Ultron arrive proves that something very wrong has happened here. This being is not a part of the Party Thor universe, and his arrival in it suggests terrible things might happen in the next few episodes. This Ultron is from another universe and appears to be traveling between them for a larger purpose. This is the first time we've seen realities clash with one another in "What If...?" and the moment fans have been waiting for is finally here. Now that different universes are colliding, is this the moment where animation and live-action also interact? Is Infinity Ultron going to make the events of the animated series canon in the Sacred Timeline of the MCU? With only two episodes left, we are sure to get some answers soon.