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The Truth About How Miles Teller Got His Scars

Miles Teller has one of those faces. The actor has built an impressive resume for over a decade, starring in blockbuster action movies and character-driven independent films. Anyone who doesn't recognize Teller will do so once the long-awaited sequel to 1986's "Top Gun," "Top Gun: Maverick" finally hits theaters. Teller plays Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw, the son of Pete "Maverick" Mitchell's (Tom Cruise) former radio intercept officer, best friend, and partner-in-crime Nick "Goose" Bradshaw (Anthony Edwards). The resemblance between the unrelated actors is downright eerie.

Teller made his feature film debut in 2010's "Rabbit Hole," starring opposite Nicole Kidman. In the 2011 remake of "Footloose," he took on the role of Willard, the good-natured guy with two left feet, who was played by Chris Penn in the 1984 original. Teller's breakout performance was in the 2013 coming-of-age drama "The Spectacular Now," which won the special jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival (via IMDb) and proved that he could hold his own as a leading man. His other film credits include the Oscar-nominated "Whiplash," "War Dogs," "The Fantastic Four," and the "Divergent" trilogy. It's hard to believe there was a time when Teller was turned away after an audition because of his facial scars.

Miles Teller survived a car accident

Miles Teller revealed how he got his scars during an interview with movie critic Peter Travers for ABC News' "Popcorn With Peter Travers." When he was 20 years old, Teller was in a serious car accident when his friend lost control of the car while going 80 mph. After being thrown from the vehicle, the actor was in such bad shape that his friend thought he was dead. After enduring multiple painful surgeries to remove the scar tissue, he still has pieces of gravel embedded in his face, which doctors said would cause even more damage if removed. 

For a while, Teller's appearance stood in the way of his acting ambitions. "When I first started auditioning, people were straight up just like, 'Yeah, Miles is a good actor, [but it] doesn't make sense for this character to have scars,'" he said. "They [the scars] used to be really bad."

The scars no longer stand in Teller's way. Even if a movie doesn't live up to the hype, the actor embraces acting challenges and has no regrets. Something tells us that won't be a problem with "Top Gun: Maverick."