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In The Land Of Leadale - What We Know So Far

A lot of great anime has come to an end in 2021. Whether you enjoy the larger-than-life action of "Attack on Titan" or something a bit more lighthearted with "Fruits Baskets," anime fans have had to say goodbye to many of their favorite shows over the past 12 months. It can leave viewers a bit heartbroken, but whenever one anime ends, two more take its place. 

2021 may have a lot of endings, but there are ample beginnings to look forward to in 2022. One of the most highly anticipated anime coming out in the near future is "In the Land of Leadale." Based on the Japanese light novel series published between 2010 and 2012, six volumes have since accumulated, collecting all of the stories set within this new magical world. Now, you'll finally be able to witness the story in anime form, according to a source from Otaku Kart. Here's everything you need to know about "In the Land of Leadale" so far.

What's the release date for In the Land of Leadale?

It looks like the new anime seeks to kick off the new year with a bang. Based on the trailer that came out promoting the upcoming series, the show will release at some point in January 2022. More information about a specific date will likely arrive in the months to come.

The big question outside of a release date is where people will be able to stream the show once it's out. The most educated guess is that it would become available on Crunchyroll, but as of this writing, there has been no confirmation that's the case. After all, other projects from Maho Film have gone to the streaming platform, including "I'm Standing on a Million Lives" and "If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord." Maho Film is still a relatively new animation studio, so keep your ears primed for more details as they become available.

Which In the Land of Leadale characters will pop up?

"In the Land of Leadale" should stick reasonably close to the source material, and we already know who will voice some of the main characters. First and foremost, the series follows Cayna, voiced by Eri Yukimura. Cayna was in a horrible accident, and the last thing she remembers is having her life support taken away. She wakes up 200 years in the future to a glorious landscape filled with magic and elves that resembles her favorite VR game from centuries ago. 

Cayna will have some help navigating this strange world with various companions, such as Skargo (Daisuke Ono), Mai-Mai (Kaori Nazuka), and Kartatz (Tomokazu Sugita). They all have their specialties, whether that's Skargo's healing powers or Mai-Mai's attack magic. But they'll all be necessary to maintain peace and order in the land. According to Otaku Kart, other characters from the light novel series will appear, like Keina Kagami, Lyt, and Luine.

What's the plot of In the Land of Leadale?

When the light novel (and most likely the anime) begins, Cayna is on life support after suffering a horrific accident. She's paralyzed and can't leave her bed, which inspires her to spend her days playing an MMORPG set in virtual reality called "World of Leadale." One day, she wakes up only to discover that she now inhabits the body of the character she played in the game. Not only that, but 200 years have passed. 

She decides to venture into this new world to reconnect with the characters she played with while still alive in the present. Of course, some of them may not be alive, but for the first time in a while, Cayna has hope again. And above all else, Cayna gets to experience life as an elf.

If you've read the novel, you already know that this is a far more easygoing adventure than a lot of other manga and anime out there. There's no blood and gore, and the expeditions have relatively low stakes. The anime should follow the same path, making it an appropriate viewing for younger audiences, too.