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Rugrats Fans Just Got The Best News Ever

This year, the animated children's property, "Rugrats" made its return to the small screen in the form of a new series on Paramount+. Following a group of small children and their eclectic, often oblivious parents, Paramount+'s "Rugrats" is a reboot of the 1991 series of the same name and stars many of the original show's voice actors (via IMDb). As a result, the primary difference between the two series' is a visual one, as the rebooted version boasts computer-generated 3D animation rather than the hand-drawn style of the original series.

The rebooted "Rugrats" spent its first season parodying "Jurassic Park" all while packing in several other winks to the franchise's '90s roots. The series also dedicated some time to revamping the world of the Pickles family for an era of smartphones and social media (Stu is a gamer now). In December 2020, Looper conducted a poll that saw 21% of respondents reveal their interest in seeing a "Rugrats" reboot, and now that it's actually happened, all signs seem to indicate that it is a success. In fact, "Rugrats" Season 1 currently holds an impressive 83% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now, viewers hoping for more "Rugrats" episodes have something to look forward to.

Rugrats has been renewed for a second season

It's official: "Rugrats" will be back for Season 2 on Paramount+ (via Deadline), which suggests that the show's first season must have performed well for the streaming service. In conjunction with the series' renewal, Paramount+'s Chief Programming Officer, Tanya Giles, stated, "Kids series are a key driver of engagement for Paramount+," before adding, "We look forward to bringing even more adventures with Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica and the rest of the Rugrats for kids and families to enjoy."

"Rugrats" Season 2 will reportedly premiere on October 7, and it will include a 30-minute Halloween special. Holiday specials have been a "Rugrats" staple ever since the show premiered 30 years ago, and the franchise has been praised for its efforts in highlighting holidays such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. That said, the Halloween specials have always been among the series' most beloved by "Rugrats" fans.

The upcoming season will further explore the imaginative world of its characters and feature stories centered around outer space, a preschool heist, and more. According to Nickelodeon Animation President Ramsey Naito, it will also "dive even deeper into the secret life of babies and their unsuspecting parents, while continuing to highlight the main themes of friendship and family."