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Rian Johnson Isn't Writing For Star Wars 9

The next two Star Wars movies will probably feel pretty different from each other.

While The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has already received a significant amount of praise from Lucasfilm and cast members for his script, he confirmed that he isn't contributing to the sequel, 2019's Episode IX.

A fan asked Johnson on Twitter if he wrote a story treatment for the finale of the new trilogy (as had been widely rumored), but Johnson said that isn't the case. "That's old info," he said. "I haven't been involved in writing [Episode] IX." To which the fan replied, "Somebody out there has to update Wikipedia."

Johnson didn't say who will write Episode IX, but there's a chance that director Colin Trevorrow will have a hand in it. He's best known for writing and directing Jurassic World, and he also wrote the upcoming Jurassic World 2.

Either way, Trevorrow told Entertainment Weekly that Episode IX will bring a lot of answers about the true identity of Rey (Daisy Ridley). "We're going to make sure that [the] answer is deeply and profoundly satisfying," he said. "Rey is a character that is important in this universe, not just in the context of The Force Awakens, but in the entire galaxy. She deserves it. We'll make sure that that answer is something that feels like it was something that happened a long time ago, far away, and we're just telling you what happened."

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy also hinted to Fandango that the movie could bring an end to the Skywalker saga. "George [Lucas] always intended nine movies, and whether we continue that or not is something we're talking about right now," she said. "If the story warrants it, we'll absolutely do it. If it actually inspires new ideas, then we'll probably head in that direction. We just don't know yet."

But before we start to worry too much about Episode IX, we've only just started to learn details about The Last Jedi, which opens Dec. 15. Watch the first teaser trailer and find out why the movie will blow you away