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Ross's Biggest Secret On Friends

We learned the "Friends" characters' dark secrets throughout 10 seasons on the show, which were all equally hilarious. In Season 8, we found out Chandler's (Matthew Perry) biggest secret about his middle name, something no one in the group knew until that point. In Season 6, during "The One Where Ross Got High," several secrets were let out about Monica (Courteney Cox), including the fact that she broke her parent's porch swing when she was younger, and not Hurricane Gloria as previously suspected.

Some other big secrets that were revealed about the other friends included Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) being married and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) starring in an adult film at the start of his acting career. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) probably has the least amount of secrets among the group, although she does keep her Pottery Barn-buying habit from Phoebe, who notoriously hates the store. But out of the six friends, no one holds a candle to Ross (David Schwimmer), who seems to have a laundry list full of secrets that he's kept from his family and pals.

Ross is a romancer of the elderly

First and foremost, the biggest secret Ross has on friends is revealed by Monica during the famous "The One With the Rumor" episode from Season 8. When Rachel hears that Ross and Will (Brad Pitt) spread a rumor about her in high school, she gets upset, but Monica reminds her she also spread a lie about Ross. This rumor suggested that Ross made out with Mrs. Altman — their 50-year-old librarian — when they were in high school.

When it's brought up, Ross outs himself and yells at Rachel, "How did you know that?" The rumor is proven true, and Ross's biggest secret is let out. Rachel admits she saw them "going at it behind the card catalog," and the group can't help but poke fun at the situation. When Monica reminds Ross that no one in high school would have known who he was if it wasn't for Rachel spreading the story, he adds that he's now only known for being "a romancer of the elderly." To be fair, we wouldn't describe a 50-year-old as elderly.

While Ross successfully kept other secrets from the group — like kissing Phoebe — his make-out session with Mrs. Altman was never going to stay hidden in this friend circle.