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Guilty Party: Check Out The First Trailer For Kate Beckinsale's Paramount Comedy Series

This might just be the perfect reason to sign up for a Paramount+ subscription. 

Taking its cue from the contemporary popularity of the true crime genre, "Guilty Party" is a dark comedy about a women who's (possibly) wrongfully convicted for murdering her husband, and the well-meaning journalist who wants to exonerate her — if she can get out of her own way first. Kate Beckinsale plays the lead, reporter Beth Burgess, while first-timer Jules Latimer plays Toni, the woman behind bars. They're joined by Geoff Stults, Tiya Sircar, Alanna Ubach, Laurie Davidson, Madeleine Arthur, and Andre Hyland. The show is written by former "Dead to Me" writer Rebecca Addelman and directed by Trent O'Donnell (via Deadline). 

"Guilty Party" will premiere on October 14 on the streaming network. But today, Paramount+ released a trailer for the show, giving us a good idea of what to expect. Check out a full breakdown below. 

Beth Burgess is a journalist whose worst enemy is herself

The trailer starts off by introducing Beth, a once-respected journalist whose career and personal life have fallen apart — although it doesn't say exactly why her career has hit the skids. When the show begins, she's working for a much-younger editor, Amber, who reminds her that her reputation is in the toilet. She's also drinking too much, and her marriage is unfulfilling.

Then, along comes Beth's opportunity at redemption: Toni's case. 

Right away, Toni and everyone else question Beth's motivations. Toni correctly points out that Beth just wants to revive her career, while Amber wonders if Beth has a white savior complex. Undeterred, Beth digs deeper and deeper into the case, uncovering a world of gun-smuggling, small-town crime, corruption, and murder — even though nobody really asked her to. 

Is Toni actually innocent? And can Beth help her get free without making it all about herself? We'll find out in about a month.