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The Outfit - What We Know So Far

You may not know Mark Rylance by name, but it's virtually impossible that you don't know his face. After lingering on the fringes of mainstream cinema for a couple of decades, Rylance has become one of the most in-demand actors around after appearing in some of the biggest movies releases of the last few years. As it is, he finally broke out in 2015, earning an Academy Award for his movie-stealing work in Steven Spielberg's underrated gem "Bridge of Spies." Since then, Rylance has claimed pivotal roles in Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk," Spielberg's "The BFG" and "Ready Player One," and Aaron Sorkin's "The Trial of the Chicago 7."

Just in case you missed him in those films, he's soon to appear in Adam McKay's hotly-anticipated Netflix dramedy "Don't Look Up," in Luca Guadagnino's "Bones and All," and will play Satan for Terrence Malick in the auteur's next ethereal masterpiece "The Way of the Wind." All of those movies should be on your "must-see" list, by the way. So too should a lesser-heralded film in Rylance's slate of upcoming releases, a little gangster flick called "The Outfit." Here's everything we know about it so far.

When will The Outfit be released?

Admittedly, there isn't a ton of information out there about "The Outfit" at the moment. That's because the film reportedly only wrapped its London production a few months ago (per Variety Insight), and is still very much in the throes of post-production. The good news is there's a genuinely intriguing name calling the shots behind-the-scenes on "The Outfit," with Graham Moore earning his first director's credit on the film after netting an Academy Award for scripting 2014's mostly marvelous World War II drama "The Imitation Game." Just for your information — "The Outfit" was also shot by the great Dick Pope, whose IMDb credits prove him to be one of the best DPs in the business.

Even better, "The Outfit" will be distributed by arthouse shingle Focus Features, whose penchant for plucking first-rate indies from relative obscurity is second to none. As for when the folks at Focus Features will actually release "The Outfit," no official release date has been announced yet. Per the movie's IMDb page, the film is currently eyeing a 2022 release. And if its pedigree is any indication, that release will likely come at the height of awards season insanity. Rest assured, we'll let you know the moment the release date for "The Outfit" becomes official. 

Who's starring in The Outfit?

If the behind-the-scenes talent has got you buzzing over "The Outfit," the on-camera talent will only bolster that buzz. And Mark Rylance is just the tip of the iceberg in the film's first-rate cast. Joining the esteemed Oscar winner in the film is Dylan O'Brien, who spring-boarded to stardom on the popularity of MTV's "Teen Wolf" before earning raves for his work in "The Maze Runner" franchise and 2020's overlooked gem "Love and Monsters." Appearing opposite that duo is Zoey Deutch, who's been racking up credits like crazy of late, delivering lauded turns in "Everybody Wants Some!," "Flower," "Set it Up," and Ryan Murphy's Netflix drama "The Politician." 

If those names aren't enough for you, "The Outfit" will also feature Johnny Flynn, who won the heads and hearts of Jane Austen fans everywhere after his simmeringly silly turn as Mr. Knightley in 2020's "Emma." Rounding out the cast of "The Outfit" are Nikki Amuka-Bird (most recently seen in M. Night Shyamalan's "Old") and esteemed British character actor Simon Russell Beale, perhaps best-known to U.S. audiences for his work in Armando Iannucci's riotous 2017 historical drama "The Death of Stalin."

What is The Outfit about?

As for what that incredible cast will be doing in "The Outfit," Moore and his co-writer Jonathan McClain have conjured a fascinating take on the gangster drama for one and all. Per a February 2021 Deadline report, "The Outfit" will find Rylance portraying Leonard, an English tailor once famed for crafting suits on London's world-famous Savile Row. After enduring an intensely personal tragedy, Leonard makes his way to Chicago where he starts operating a small tailor shop in a rough part of town. It's a far cry from his prior life, but after setting up shop, Leonard soon finds himself making beautiful clothes for the only people in his neighborhood who can afford them — a notorious family of vicious gangsters.

As of now, it's unclear what sort of conflict Leonard might find himself entrenched in dealing with such ruffians. It's also unclear who Rylance's co-stars will be playing in "The Outfit." But if Johnny Flynn is somehow not playing one of those vicious gangsters, we're going to have a few questions for the film's casting director. Ditto if O'Brien isn't playing some morally conflicted member of the family unwillingly caught up in the gang-tinged madness. Whatever the case, it's a safe bet they'll all look great in the film, which is, apparently, about a gifted man who lives to ensure they do.