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What The Final Girl From Friday The 13th Part 2 Looks Like Today

Across the twelve "Friday the 13th" movies, dozens of unlucky teenagers have faced off against the seemingly undefeatable Jason Voorhees. A handful emerged victorious, with Adrienne King being the slasher franchise's original final girl, Alice.

She survived the 1980 film and defeated the original killer, Pamela Voorhees, but was killed by Jason in the cold open of "Friday the 13th Part 2." Ginny Field (Amy Steel) replaces Alice as the final girl, tricking the machete-wielding killer by donning his dead mother's sweater and impersonating the domineering woman. The ruse lasts long enough for her to gain the upper hand, and she successfully survives the movie.

Unlike Alice, Ginny doesn't return in other "Friday the 13th" films, though she was asked to return for the third film. An aspiring child psychologist, the final girl likely went on to study the mind of killers while coping with the trauma of what she experienced.

So, what is actress Amy Steel up to today?

She's living Ginny Field's dream

Though she's the first to admit that she isn't a fan of scary movies, Amy Steel went on to star in thrillers like "April Fool's Day," "The Red Spider," and "The Innocent." She also starred in NBC's "The Powers of Matthew Star" and had guest appearances on popular shows like "Family Ties," "The A-Team," and "Home Improvement."

However, Steel stepped away from acting and became a psychotherapist — just like Ginny Field. In a 2018 interview with Horror Nerd, she explained that she started a family and moved into the next phase of her life. She also added that it's taxing to audition over and over, saying, "You reach a certain age in Hollywood and the jobs don't come as easily."

Despite her new career path, she returned to acting for "Tales of Poe" in 2014, where she appeared alongside fellow final girl Adrienne King and other horror stars like Caroline Williams and Debbie Rochon. In 2021, Steel lent her voice to the fan-made film "Jason Rising" where she portrayed Dr. Ginny Field.

Steel says that it's "shocking" how excited horror fans still are about the franchise after all these years. "It's unbelievable but it's really wonderful and I'm so flattered and grateful for all the fans," she told Horror Nerd.