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Steve-O Confirms What We Suspected All Along About Jackass Stunts Too Violent To Air

The show "Jackass" was an icon of the early 2000s. Some might argue it was the crown jewel of MTV's reality TV heyday. It featured several irreverent young men who cared little for Standards & Practices or their own safety. All they wanted to do was have fun performing hilarious pranks on themselves and one another, and their exuberant fan base ate it up. Today, many of the original cast members — including Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, and Jason "Wee Man" Acuña — are still household names. The show went off the air in 2002 and was followed up with "Jackass: The Movie" that same year.

For better or worse, the world isn't entirely done with "Jackass" just yet. Their newest movie, "Jackass Forever," is slated for release early next year. The boys have been on the road doing a lot of PR for the upcoming premiere. Recently, they sat down with the popular YouTube series "Hot Ones" to play "Truth or Dab." During the game, Wee Man and Steve-O were asked questions about stunts that fans may have been robbed of from the show's original run due to uptight editors deciding that they had crossed the line. To hear Steve-O describe them, they sure do sound like the pinnacle of jackassery.

Jackass had three stunts that were too violent for TV

In the "Truth or Dab" interview, Steve-O mentions a stunt called "box downstairs," which involved Johnny Knoxville telling his counterparts to stuff him into a big box surrounded by pillows and duct tape it securely shut. After that, they pushed him down a flight of concrete stairs. Steve-O did not, however, explain how many ribs were broken that day.

Then there was another stunt where Knoxville shot himself with a six-shooter. Don't worry — he put on a bulletproof vest first. According to Steve-O, the cameramen on set wanted "nothing to do" with Knoxville's antics that day. That sounds like a reasonable reaction, not just for their own safety from ricocheting bullets, but to try and hopefully discourage the actor from performing a stunt that could threaten his life. To the surprise of no one, Knoxville went through with it anyway.

Lastly, there was the "hit by a car" scene. It's honestly a little curious that the network edited this one out, seeing as it's one of the most common Hollywood stunts we see in film and television today. But if we had to venture a guess, it might have had something to do with the lack of precautions that Knoxville took to protect himself. In the stunt, Knoxville is hit by a car and thrust through the windshield. He told his castmates that he assumed he would be safe because he put on an extra pair of jeans before heading out to the set.

We can't wait to see what insane stunts the older-but-definitely-not-wiser MTV veterans pulled together for "Jackass Forever."