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Is This The Most Bizarre Horror Movie Villain Ever?

Whether it's an escaped murderer with a William Shatner mask or a dead burn victim who'll literally haunt your dreams, the horror genre has never wanted for weird, outright strange villains and monsters. Some of them are misunderstood and have downright sympathetic motivations for why they become evil and hurt innocents, while others are merely sadistic killers. Either way, many makeup designers, special effects artists, animators, and prosthetics wizards have gleefully indulged in making our worst nightmares come true, pushing filmmaking forward and ensuring horror fans don't sleep too soundly.

So when some viewers call the creature of this '80s horror satire the weirdest movie monster, it's not to be taken lightly. The film takes a long time to reveal everything, but surreal practical effects and absurd, dreamlike direction combine to create disgusting visuals no one can ever forget. This is the most bizarre horror villain that's ever been put to screen.

Society's villain is one of the most bizarre ever

Bill, the hero of the 1989 Brian Yuzna movie "Society," has always felt like he didn't belong to the Beverly Hills wealthy elite he grew up around, and he finally discovers why in the final act. The society Bill's family and classmates belong to are a totally different species from humanity, and they intend to literally absorb and consume his flesh, as they do other lower-class humans, in a hideous ritual called "the shunting."

As Bill witnesses the event, the aliens shed their clothes then merge and meld with one another — their skin and organs dissolving into each other until they're a single gooey mass. It's truly repulsive to witness, in part thanks to the work of artist and horror movie icon Screaming Mad George, who used practical in-camera effects to bring everything to life. The result is truly shocking, and why "Society" has long endured as a cult classic.

Movie critic Zena Dixon of Real Queen of Horror describes "Society" as "disgusting but beautiful," which is the perfect way to describe the movie's villain as well. If you think you can stomach it, give "Society" a go — just skip the snacks on this particular movie night.