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Amazon's I Know What You Did Last Summer Series Gets A New Teaser, Release Date

The 1990s were a legendary time for self-aware horror, especially when it comes to teens getting brutalized. Wes Craven set the tone with "Scream," but movies like "The Faculty" and "Disturbing Behavior" were a big part of the trend, too. And, of course, there was also the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" franchise based on the Lois Duncan novel, which pitted a group of teens against a killer out for revenge after they accidentally committed vehicular manslaughter.

While there hasn't been a film set in that world since 2006's "I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer," horror movies (and slashers in particular) are finding popularity again. "Scream" had its own TV series recently, which is being followed up by a brand new feature film, and, likewise, "I Know What You Did Last Summer" is also getting a new spin courtesy of Amazon.

The new series has a very similar premise to the film franchise. Like the movies, the new story focuses on a group of teens being attacked a year after their graduation, where they had covered up a fatal car wreck. Since this is an ongoing series, the focus is not only on the teens themselves but also on their unraveling of the mysteries of their own secrets and the secrets of their town itself.

We now have the first trailer and release announcement to give us a better sense of the story "I Know What You Did Last Summer" will tell.

I Know What You Did Last Summer's teaser is terrifying

"Every ending is a new beginning." That is the message written to the graduates outside of their high school. And there's certainly some truth to that — as our teens' high school life is ending, they are beginning the next phase of their existence as both murder suspects and murder victims.

The original "I Know What You Did Last Summer" film features a killer whose instrument of death is a hook. We don't know exactly what form the murders will take in this new TV series, but we have seen a morbidly playful side to this new killer already — a text message that reads "I'm Coming 4U" with a clown emoji attached. If there's one thing most of us are scared of (thanks, Steven King), it's clowns.

The rest of the trailer focuses mostly on the party, leading to the tragic vehicular event that sets off our slasher story. In short, it seems like basically everybody is sleeping with everybody, which is always a recipe for disaster in any type of television series or movie.

We know one other thing: The release date. The first four episodes of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" drop on October 15, and new episodes will air weekly on Fridays leading up to the show's season finale on November 12.