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The Biggest Unanswered Questions From Rick And Morty Season 5

"Rick and Morty" is a show that isn't afraid of leaving certain plot points open-ended. Where did Mr. Poopybutthole come from? Will Supernova ever return to enact her revenge on Rick? It's all part of the "Rick and Morty" experience, and it's something fans have come to expect out of their favorite sci-fi sitcom. 

However, that doesn't mean there aren't unanswered questions that burn in the back of viewers' minds. It's a big multiverse out there, and while it's exciting to watch the show explore new concepts and introduce new characters to play with, it also opens up a world of possibilities. Which direction will the series decide to take? It's safe to say no one expected Evil Morty to do what he did in the Season 5 finale, so as always, surprises are bound to be in store.

"Rick and Morty" answered plenty of questions in Season 5, including giving us a glimpse at Rick's true backstory and confirming once and for all the identity of Evil Morty. However, for every answer, two more questions arise, and these are some of the biggest ones keeping us up at night going into "Rick and Morty" Season 6.

Will Space Beth return?

The Season 4 finale dropped a massive bomb in the form of Space Beth, who's either the real Beth or a clone sent off into the galaxy to have awesome adventures. Even Rick doesn't know which one is which, and it led to a ton of tension last season between Rick and the rest of the Smith family. How could he be so callous as to let his daughter go like that? Space Beth didn't take any malarky from her father either, even causing him to flinch by pretending to punch him. 

It's an intriguing dynamic, and while we get a brief cameo from Space Beth in Season 5, the way she changed the dynamic in the family is never really addressed. She's just there for a quick beat, and then everyone moves on with their lives as if she never existed. It begs the question if we'll ever really get a chance to see her again or if she'll remain on the sidelines for the foreseeable future.

It would be a ton of fun to see her come back to Earth and hang out with the other Beth or even for her to take Beth with her into space. It could make for a real awakening within the other Beth and make her realize that she wants to explore the cosmos, too. At the very least, it would be cool to get some closure on which Beth is the real one.

Will we see the incest baby again?

Going into Season 5, most fans probably didn't expect an incest baby to become a recurring character, yet here we are. In Episode 4, "Rickdependence Spray," one of Morty's mutant, sentient sperm comes into contact with a giant egg extracted from Summer, resulting in an incest baby that's then launched into space. A few episodes later, the child, who's officially known as Naruto, returns to save the Smith family from utter destruction while they're on the wrong end of a giant Voltron-like robot.

The child's existence left the internet divided, with some taking the whole thing as a joke while others think it's gross for the show to deal with one of society's biggest taboos. The fact that it wasn't merely a one-and-done joke begs the question of whether we'll continue seeing Naruto pop up from time to time.

Through a flashback sequence in "Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion," we see how Summer bonded with Naruto on a secret military base, so there's a stronger connection with the rest of the Smith family. He could return, or maybe the "Rick and Morty" crew will see the divided reaction and decide it's better to leave this character in the rearview mirror.

What happened to the Rick that killed C-137's family?

During the Season 5 finale, Rick gives Morty a vision of his true backstory, and it's pretty close to what we saw previously in the series. One day, Rick C-137 was working in his garage when another Rick showed up to give him the secret to interdimensional travel. Our Rick refused the formula, which resulted in the other Rick dropping a bomb on Diane and young Beth. C-137 then goes on a rampage across the multiverse, killing Ricks in the hopes one of them will be the one who destroyed his life. However, he eventually made peace with the Council of Ricks and ended the slaughter.

We witness Rick C-137 kill dozens of other Ricks, but he never actually locates the one he searched for. That means, theoretically, the other Rick is still out there. With the Citadel destroyed and Evil Morty gaining access to the rest of the multiverse, could C-137 resume his quest for vengeance? It would make for an easy way to fill out that enormous 70-episode order the sitcom received a few years ago.

Where did Evil Morty go?

The final scene of Season 5 sees Evil Morty breaking out of the central finite curve. This is a collection of universes where Rick is the most intelligent man alive. Outside of this curve, he could theoretically be a regular guy. Evil Morty creates a yellow portal and presumably enters one of these universes. He clearly hates Rick and wants to go somewhere they can have a healthy relationship.

Will "Rick and Morty" eventually show us what happened to Evil Morty? At some point, we could see Evil Morty not having any grand ambitions of taking over societies. Perhaps he wants to become a regular kid and have a grandfather he visits at an assisted living facility once in a while. Or does Evil Morty have something else up his sleeve? Fans have wanted to see Evil Morty's grand scheme for years now, so we don't think this is the last we've seen of him.

Will Rick's relationship with Morty recover?

The final two episodes of Season 5 closely examine Rick's toxic relationship with Morty. Rick replaces Morty with two crows, and while Morty's delighted to escape from Rick's clutches finally, he soon finds himself wishing to be his partner again. The fact Morty would willingly want to go back to someone who treats him like dirt shows just how badly his worldview has been warped after years of being Rick's experiment.

As the two escape the Citadel in the finale, they must work together to acquire enough speed to escape the destruction. It's a symbolic moment showing how the two have to work together as equals to get anywhere in life. But the real question at the center of this plot is whether it will stick.

Sitcoms are known for having characters learn a lesson, only to forget it by next week. "Rick and Morty" has abided by this principle for the most part throughout its run, but things have changed over the years. Could Season 6 see the two becoming more of equals? One thing's clear, Season 6 of "Rick and Morty" can't come fast enough.