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Clarkson's Farm Season 2 - What We Know So Far

The British TV documentary series "Clarkson's Farm" documents the efforts of "Top Gear"-head Jeremy Clarkson as he attempts to operate a 1,000-acre farm in the Cotswolds. Think of it as a fish-out-of-water-style premise: A celebrity who has built his name on being a sharp, knowledgeable father figure realizes he has no idea what he's doing in a new context. Many viewers found the first season to be a pleasant surprise, with The Guardian calling it "quite fun to watch."

Clarkson says in the first episode that he bought the farm in 2008, and it was run by "a chap in the village" who decided to retire in 2019. So, he decides to farm it himself. Cue the mishaps, which have over the first season included the star electrocuting himself, buying a tractor that's too complicated for anyone to use, and messing up things more than a few times. However, with the help of some experts, he makes it out alive — even though, as he points out early on, farming offers hundreds of ways of killing you. 

If you enjoy the series and find it to be a great representation the farming life, you might be wondering about whether or not more "Clarkson's Farm" is coming. Fortunately, back in July, Amazon did greenlight new episodes. Here's what we know so far.

When is the release date of Clarkson's Farm season 2?

Although some media outlets spread rumors of cancelation that led to the creation of a petition for renewal, Jeremy Clarkson announced over Instagram on July 21 that "Clarkson's Farm" had been renewed. That same day, Deadline reported that the show was already filming again. 

However, since the show previously dealt with an entire farming cycle, industry watchers are predicting fans will have to wait a while before Season 2 debuts on Amazon Prime. Clarkson said in a response to a promotional post from the "The Grand Tour" Twitter account that it'll come "Not soon. It'll take a year to film it. That's how farming works." And the BBC reports that the first season actually took two years to complete, with some breaks. That meshes with the fact that Clarkson said he started his farming venture in 2019, and the fact that the first season of eight episodes debuted on Amazon Prime on June 11, 2021. 

A new season might not take so long, as Clarkson has listed COVID-19 as one of the challenges he and his crew faced over the course of the production process (weather and sheep were others) and hopefully that will be less of a factor going forward. Still, don't expect to see more "Clarkson's Farm" before 2022. 

Who is in the cast of Clarkson's Farm season 2?

Clarkson's video announcing the renewal confirmed that the entire cast of the first season would return for the second series (that's a British season) of the show. He said, "All the crew are back: Cheerful Charlie, Lisa, Gerald, and the fetus in the tractor." Kaleb Cooper (the "fetus in the tractor") appeared to be filming the video, as he then turned the camera on himself to repeat his chosen new name for the series: "'Kaleb's Farm.'" Cooper has become one of the show's breakout stars, as he clearly knows what he's doing and has a clear love of farming. "Personally I would love to [do more TV] but as long as it's included in the farming side of stuff. I wouldn't want to do anything that isn't farming," he told Country Living

He also mentioned Lisa Hogan, Clarkson's real-life partner; Gerald Cooper, a farmer and dry stone-waller with such a thick West Country accent he can be hard to understand; and Cheerful Charlie Ireland, who is a land agent with plenty of advice for Clarkson. Over social media, Clarkson also showed off two new arrivals to his farm, which may appear in Season 2 if viewers are lucky: a cute white cow named Pepper, and a brown one that needed a name — at the time, anyway.

What will the plot be for Clarkson's Farm season 2?

Deadline reported that in the new season, Clarkson hopes to diversify while expanding his agricultural knowledge. Meanwhile, cast members have already revealed a few spoilers for the new season. When Clarkson posted images of the two cows, he showed that he's added new animals to the mix on the farm. Additionally, Cooper posted a picture of a broken gate on his Instagram with the caption, "It was all going so well until someone decided they didn't like the gate anymore, wonder who that was." Clarkson replied by saying "So annoying" while the official Amazon Prime U.K. account posted, "Spoiler alert" with a sweating face emoji. 

Beyond that, fans can expect more of the shenanigans that have turned "Clarkson's Farm" into what Dan Grabiner, Amazon Studios' head of U.K. originals, calls "Jeremy's unfiltered love letter to farming." 

He said, "It is that authenticity, charm and humor, combined with the farm's fantastic characters, which have made the series such a remarkable hit with audiences." None of those things will change, so viewers can expect Season 2 of the show to have more of what they love, from the beautiful vistas of the English countryside to the hilarity of Kaleb's admonitions about how difficult sheep can be, and how Clarkson bumbled it this time.