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A New Trailer For Ron's Gone Wrong Teases Action-Packed Hijinks

There appears to be a common thread among animated children's movies as of late. "The Mitchells vs. the Machines" told the story of technology run amok and what happens when dangerous gadgets fall into the wrong hands. With similar themes comes "Ron's Gone Wrong," which takes a unique approach to offer an allegory about how we shouldn't spend so much of our lives reliant on untested technology.

The film follows Barney (Jack Dylan Glazer), a bit of an outcast at his school because he's the only kid who doesn't have a B-bot. This walking companion does everything your smartphone does and serves as a friend to talk to. Barney maligns his situation until the fateful day comes when he finally receives a B-bot of his very own named Ron (Zach Galifianakis) ... but something's not quite right with it. 

Based on the trailer, the film promises plenty of action and heartwarming moments to entertain children and adults alike. It's definitely a project to keep your eye on, especially seeing how it's the first animated film to come out of 20th Century Studios since Blue Sky Studios shut down.

Ron's Gone Wrong has plenty to say about society's reliance on social media

You get a good idea of what "Ron's Gone Wrong" will be all about from the opening of the trailer. Ron pleads for his father to get him a B-bot, so he'll fit in better at school. It's at this point his dad says, "I don't want you addicted to some device." Right on cue, the father's phone begins blowing up with messages that he has to look at right then and there in the middle of a meal. 

It's a funny moment and far from the only one in the trailer. Most of the hijinks come from the malfunction within Ron, causing him to be less of a helpful tool and more of an annoying pet you always have to keep an eye on before it runs into a busy street. There's only one way to watch this movie when it comes out on October 22, and that's to head over to your local cineplex. 

Despite many movies having dual theatrical/streaming releases, "Ron's Gone Wrong" will be a theater exclusive. There's a lot riding on the film to do well, seeing how it's the first theatrical release from Locksmith Animation. So be prepared to use your smartphone to purchase tickets for this delightful adventure.