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The Best Time Tommy Lee Jones Broke Character In Men In Black

When it comes to science-fiction action comedies, it doesn't get much better than "Men in Black." The 1997 original makes good use out of the talents of its co-lead stars, namely Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The two play off one another perfectly, with Smith functioning as the audience surrogate who's new to the alien-infested world he's just discovered. Meanwhile, Jones is cool as a cucumber the entire way through, and he doesn't put up with any of his partner's shenanigans. 

Despite several sequels and a soft reboot, the original remains supreme in many viewers' eyes. It's a film you can rewatch over and over again and not get tired of because it's packed to the brim with jokes and Easter eggs that require a keen eye to catch. One of these fun details is a scene where Agent K (Jones) actually breaks a smile when he's not supposed to. You may have never recognized it before because you probably cracked a smile, too, and started laughing at the same time.

Shaking a pug was too much for Tommy Lee Jones

There's a scene where Agents J and K require information, so they go to shake down Frank the Pug ... literally. Frank's reluctant to give up information initially, so Agent K roughs him up a bit even as passersby stroll through. If you watch the scene carefully, you'll notice there's one moment where Tommy Lee Jones cracks a smile. The camera quickly cuts away to Frank, but it's unmistakable that Jones temporarily gave in to how ridiculous the entire scene was. And it was probably all the more hilarious because that was a real pug he shook around. 

Don't worry; no animals were hurt in the making of the scene. But a piece from Entertainment Weekly back in 1997 highlights how Jones was given a real-life pug to shake around somewhat. According to the film's visual-effects supervisor Eric Brevig, "He would shake the pug a little bit and then we'd stop ... The trainer would give the dog a treat, and he'd be happy." Jones also apparently played with the pug when the cameras weren't rolling so that the two would have a good rapport together. 

To be fair, it's hard to look at the adorable face of a pug and not feel joy coursing through every vein in your body. Jones is only human, after all.