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New Teaser Video For The Boys Season 3 Is Headline News

Amazon's "The Boys" doesn't pull any punches, much like its comics source material from creators Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The superhero series has had a few scenes that have gone too far for some fans, but that hasn't stopped them from enjoying its unique look at superheroes as narcissistic sociopaths, and the group of equally narcissistic sociopaths aiming to stop them. (It's a pretty nihilistic show.) Season 2 wrapped up in 2020, with the status of The Boys, The Seven, and Vought International left in question after many events that shook up their collective world.

With Season 3 scheduled for a 2021 release, the series is getting us ready to consume with a set of interesting teaser videos. Last month, the fictional Vought International launched a video series called "Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman." The videos are a parody of a Fox News-style show drenched in Vought International propaganda. It's a neat way to show how well "The Boys" use of pop culture satire can also link us to some essential and developing plot points as we gear up for Season 3. 

So what did Cameron report in this latest installment?

Is a crackdown on Supes coming to The Boys Season 3?

The latest video clip from "Seven on 7 With Cameron Coleman" is truly headline news. The video notes that The Federal Bureau Of Superhero Affairs (FBSA) is partnering with Vought to "root out the bad apples," meaning any Supes found abusing their powers. This ties in with Congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit), the head of the FBSA and the super-powered head-exploding assassin, as revealed at the end of Season 2. With Hughie (Jack Quaid) working for her now, she's sure to see an even bigger role in the upcoming episodes, and now we have some idea what she might be up to thanks to Cameron Coleman's crack reporting.

The teaser also notes that Vought is doing more damage control by purchasing the Sage Grove Center and turning it into the Global Wellness Center, as referenced in the last video. As revealed in Season 2, the center was originally a testing ground for victims that were fed Compound V, which embroiled the company in a major scandal.

While on the subject of ads, the video features a hilarious spot for Vought+, a clear parody of our proliferating streaming ecosystem. The teaser also reports again on A-Train (Jessie T. Usher), who was slated to make his return to The Seven after a proposed mystery race in the last video. Instead, the speedster dropped bars in a music video.

Now bring on the new episodes. We're ready.