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Here's Your First Look At The All-Star Netflix Comedy Don't Look Up

"Don't Look Up," acclaimed director Adam McKay's exciting upcoming Netflix comedy, has one of the most star-studded ensembles to come along in a long time. The cast is led by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence and also includes — deep breath -– Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, Mark Rylance, Tyler Perry, Ron Perlman, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Scott Mescudi (aka Kid Cudi), Cate Blanchett, and Meryl Streep ... not to mention, there's also ​​Himesh Patel, Melanie Lynskey, Michael Chiklis, Tomer Sisley, and Chris Evans. The cast collectively has eight acting Oscars, nearly 50 Academy Awards nominations, and one Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award honorary Oscar (via NPR).

The film follows two low-level astronomers, Dr. Randall Mindy (DiCaprio) and Dr. Kate DiBiasky (Lawrence), who realize that a meteor is heading straight toward the Earth, which means certain doom for humanity. They go on a media tour to try to warn everyone, but people don't want to hear it. The whole thing is a clear metaphor for climate change.

"Don't Look Up" will have a limited theatrical release starting on December 10 before coming to Netflix on December 24, and Entertainment Weekly has first look photos from the highly anticipated film.

President Streep

In "Don't Look Up," Meryl Streep plays President Janie Orlean, who writer-director McKay describes as a satirical composite character. "She's very concerned about the poll numbers, very concerned about the politics, loves her own celebrity," he told Entertainment Weekly. "She's a hybrid of all the ridiculous leaders that we've had for the past ten, 20, 30 years." Jonah Hill, meanwhile, plays Jason Orlean, her son and Chief of Staff. In the photos, Streep's president is displayed wearing a trucker hat that says "Don't Look Up" — a very clear MAGA reference. (Film buffs will note that this is the second time Streep has played a character named Orlean, as she famously portrayed journalist Susan Orlean in "Adaptation.")

Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry play news anchors, as does "The Shield" star Michael Chiklis, who's anchoring a conservative show for the Patriot News Network.

Entertainment Weekly's post has a number of intriguing photos, including Timotheé Chalamet in a camo baseball cap worn backwards, Ron Perlman as a sad astronaut, and Scott Mescudi and Ariana Grande cuddling and drinking wine. The trailer for "Don't Look Up" was released not long after the photos.

Finally, McKay teased that Chris Evans has a "little cameo" in the film. ​"He's very funny," McKay said. "I won't give away who he plays but he does pop up in the movie." We can't wait to see what kind of ironic riff on his All-American persona he does.

"Don't Look Up" will premiere in theaters on December 10, and then arrive on Netflix on December 24.