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Adult Swim Keeps The Live-Action Rick And Morty Promos Coming, And We Need A Full Episode

The "Back to the Future" influence on "Ricky and Morty" has been evident from the get-go, but if you had any doubts about the cartoon's main inspiration, then Adult Swim's latest set of publicity stunts have confirmed it once and for all.

Last week, a live-action teaser, seemingly starring the Doc himself, Christopher Lloyd ("Back to the Future"), and Jaeden Martell ("Knives Out") as the titular characters, hit the internet and caused a buzz among fans of the animated series. The footage depicts the live-action Rick and Morty hopping out of a portal that appears in their garage, potentially teasing an episode in this style.

Of course, this is Adult Swim we're talking about, so the trailers could have been a prank designed to cause a stir and generate hype for the animated show. However, two more live-action clips featuring the aforementioned actors have been released, and they make the notion of a live-action episode seem more enticing.

Rick finds himself in a pickle again

Like Marvel's Multiverse, the universe in "Rick and Morty" is a place of infinite timelines that host different versions of everyone. Naturally, there are alternative iterations of Rick and Morty, as well. While each version of the characters shares similar traits, they can differ in personality types, viewpoints, and appearance. Sometimes, though, regular old Rick likes to transform himself into something else to avoid his responsibilities.

Back in Season 3, Rick famously turned himself into a pickle to avoid going to family counseling. One of the new "Rick and Morty" promos, entitled "Pickle Rick," is a throwback to that episode. In the clip, live-action Morty stumbles upon a pickle and immediately assumes that his grandpa has turned himself into a literal vegetable again. A couple of seconds later, however, Rick appears and takes a bite out of the pickle, revealing that all is as well as can be.

Adult Swim's third Rick and Morty clip references a classic monologue

While the live-action clips could have been released to test the waters for a live-action reboot or special episode, the footage shows that Adult Swim was in a reflective and nostalgic mood ahead of the upcoming finale. Much like the pickle teaser, the latest is also a throwback to one of the cartoon's most iconic moments.

The third clip sees Morty lying on the garage floor as Rick repeats the "100 years" monologue from the show's pilot episode. The original scene saw Morty spasming on the floor while Rick promised to take him on adventures for the rest of his life. The live-action clip retains the spirit and energy of the pilot episode's monologue, albeit in a more condensed, eight-second running time. The new clips are bound to ignite a desire among fans for more live-action "Rick and Morty," but it remains to be seen what Adult Swim's plans are in this regard.