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Hit & Run Made Netflix Original History And You Didn't Notice

While Netflix has primarily gained a reputation for their English-language movies and TV shows, their foreign-language programming has been just as critically adored. Shows like the French-language series "Lupin," the Spanish-language series "Money Heist," and the Norwegian-language series "Ragnarok" have all made a statement, proving the case for imported content on the streamer.

The latest addition in this category is "Hit & Run," a new Hebrew-language series getting the Netflix treatment. The show follows Segev Azulai, a married man whose world is thrown into shambles when his wife dies in a hit-and-run accident in Tel Aviv. The mysterious circumstances around the accident become suspicious when Azulai discovers that the drivers have fled the country to the U.S. Determined to find them, he reaches out to an old flame, Naomi Hicks, played by Sanaa Lathan, and discovers his wife's secrets along the way.

The show has quickly found an audience, ending up in the Top 10 list of most-viewed TV series on Netflix. However, the series has also quietly made history in another way.

Hit & Run broke new ground for Netflix

"Hit & Run" is Netflix's first original series from Israel. The streaming service has aired Israeli shows before, such as the TV series "Fauda," which began in 2015 and currently has three seasons, the TV show "When Heroes Fly," which ran for one season in 2018 and starred "The Boys" performer Tomer Capon, and "Black Space", which ran for one season in 2020. However, each of these shows were simply licensed after initial distribution on local Israeli networks. "Hit & Run," by comparison, is the first Israeli TV series to become a Netflix Original.

"Hit & Run" comes from Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz, who previously worked together on "Fauda." They co-created this show with Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin, who previously co-created the Amazon Prime series "Z: The Beginning of Everything," which tells the story of Zelda Fitzgerald. They have previously worked together on TV shows such as "The Killing" and "Flashforward." As in "Fauda," Raz also acts in the series.

The success of "Hit & Run" indicates that this may not be the last time Netflix looks to Israel for a new series. "Hit & Run" is currently available on Netflix.