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Last Man Down - What We Know So Far

There haven't been too many shameless takes on the 1980s action formula since "The Expendables" franchise seemingly hung up its boots in 2014. However, as Stallone and his gang of action stars ramp up for a potential fourth entry in the near future, movies like "Last Man Down" are holding down the fort. With an action hero who's more shredded than cheese on a taco and a premise soaked in the narrative beats of every single Arnold Schwarzenegger film combined, "Last Man Down" looks to be a solid upcoming release for action fans.

The makers of this action-heavy extravaganza haven't been overly forthcoming with certain details. While we have a good idea of when the film might be released, there's very little in the way of official announcements. However, we do know quite a bit about the cast and plot of "Last Man Down." So, with that said, if you are curious to learn more about this dip into the world of action films, here is what we know so far.

When will Last Man Down release?

We couldn't find any example of Saban FIlms or any other "Last Man Down" creator officially announcing the film's release date. However, IMDb has it listed as releasing on October 19. Whether or not this is true is undetermined. Either way, it's clear that "Last Man Down" is certainly a completed project. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Saban FIlms purchased the rights to "Last Man Down" on the Cannes Virtual Market. If October 19 isn't the official release date, then it is hard to imagine that the real thing is too far off from that timeframe.

Regardless of this confusion surrounding the release date, though, the film's creators have been equally fudgy on where, exactly, moviegoers might be able to catch this action flick. If it is set to appear on a streaming service, the Saban Films hasn't revealed which one. Nor have they indicated that "Last Man Down" is set to release in theaters, or via television, for that matter. Hopefully, the company becomes more forthcoming as "Last Man Down" nears its true debut, so action fans will know where to look.

Who is in the cast for Last Man Down?

Relative to most major action films out there, viewers shouldn't expect to see any particularly familiar faces in the cast of 'Last Man Down." The film's muscle-bound lead, Daniel Stisen, has appeared in several blockbusters as an extra, with the most notable example being the role of an "Ancient Warrior" in "Zack Snyder's Justice League" (via IMDb). Even so, that film might have proven to be valuable experience for the premise of "Last Man Down," which sticks to the essentials of classic eighties action films: Stisen plays John Wood, a former military man with a major vendetta against the film's antagonist, Commander Stone (Daniel Nehme).

Joining Stisen at the hero's table is Olga Kent, playing Maria Johnson. Maria is a fugitive on the run from Commander Stone, who happens across Wood's isolated home and enlists him for help in rebuffing their shared foe. Along with Stisen and Kent, the film also features roles played by actors Stanislav Yanevski, Madeleine Vall, and Natassia Malthe.

What is the plot of Last Man Down?

The story of "Last Man Down" is about as epic as the name implies. Taking many of its tropes from solid, adrenaline-fueled action films, "Last Man Down" follows John Wood (Daniel Stisen), a retired special forces operative who has separated himself from society. Living off the grid in his woodland home, John remains solemnly buff and badass by completing gruff, manly tasks like chopping wood and silently grieving over the death of his wife.

Of course, a man like John Wood doesn't just isolate himself for no reason. His hermitage takes place only after the world is ravaged by a worldwide pandemic (which is definitely not a stand-in for COVID-19). His wife, who becomes infected, is murdered by his ex-Commander Stone. Years later, in the forests of Scandinavia, the secluded John happens upon an injured woman named Maria Johnson (Olga Kent).

By chance, Maria happens to be a living vaccine for the virus, and for some uncertain reason is now exclusively targeted by the infamous Commander Stone. "Whoever controls the vaccine," she says in the trailer, "controls the virus, and whoever controls the virus, controls life." Lucky for Maria, John is exactly the right sort of muscle-bound badass for the job at hand. The two arm themselves with his secret stockpile of action-figure accessories and fight back against Stone's forces. Together, they might just save Maria's life, and avenge Wood's family.