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Why Criminal Minds Fans Think JJ's Husband Deserved Better

If "Criminal Minds" taught us anything over its 15-season run, it's that (one) serial killers come in all shapes and sizes, and (two) dating or being married to a member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit is extraordinarily challenging. Between profiling and catching "unsubs" of all races, genders, and ages, the characters within the series have tried — with varying levels of success — to maintain romantic relationships.

David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) was the series' most prolific Romeo, with three divorces under his belt before remarrying his third ex-wife by the end of the series. Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) couldn't make married life work with eventual ex-wife Haley, and distance ended his budding relationship with Beth. The introverted Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Kubler) tried to make a go of things with Maeve, but she was killed not long after the two met face-to-face. 

On the other hand, Matt Simmons (Daniel Henney) seemed to have a healthy relationship with his wife and their five children. Like Matt, J.J. Jareau (A.J. Cook) also had a successful marriage and family, though it turns out that some viewers believe her husband deserved better.

Will was rarely J.J.'s top priority

J.J. and Will first met in Season 2 when the BAU were in New Orleans, Louisiana, investigating a potential serial killer. At the time, Will was a detective with the New Orleans Police Department who decided to call in the BAU for help. They dated — largely in secret, per J.J.'s wish — for a year before going public with their relationship. Later in the season, J.J. discovers that she's pregnant, which prompts Will to propose. Though she rebuffed the proposal, the couple remained together, and Will left New Orleans to be with J.J. and their baby.

For much of their relationship, J.J. is traveling with the BAU while Will maintains the homefront. Things continued smoothly until Season 7 when an investigation meant J.J. had to leave Will while he tended to their ill child. For the first time, Will expressed discontent with J.J.'s work and her frequent absences. However, despite a momentary flash of frustration, Will accepts the reality of J.J.'s occupation and her dedication to it.

Will's near-death was a wake-up call for J.J.

In the Season 7 finale, Will becomes the target of domestic terrorists. Over the course of the ordeal, Will is shot, taken hostage, and strapped to a bomb before being rescued by the BAU. No longer holding to her earlier misgivings, J.J. asks Will to propose to her again so that she can say yes. The two are wed at the end of the episode and go on to welcome another son in Season 11. Over the remaining seasons of "Criminal Minds," J.J. and Will appear to be happy and content with their choices.

However, over on Reddit, there's a thread for people to post their unpopular "Criminal Minds" opinions. Among the dozens of criticisms, several people voiced their disapproval over how J.J. treated her husband, Will (Josh Stewart), over the course of the series. Some fans, like those on the Reddit thread, believe J.J. should have done more to make Will feel important in her life. As user Ancient_Effective185 wrote, "Will deserves someone better, someone that don't treat him like a third or fourth priority in her life."

Season after season, Will is left to run the home, raise the children, and work full-time, while J.J. and the BAU chase after serial killers throughout the country. Admittedly, Will offered to be more hands-on at home, knowing that J.J. would be unhappy leaving the BAU for a less time-demanding career. Still, even Will, as understanding as he's shown to be in the series, reached a breaking point when he complained about her frequent absences.

Will's years of patience eventually paid off

Another aspect of J.J. and Will's relationship that irked fans was her rejection of his marriage proposal in Season 3. As far as viewers could see, Will willingly left his job and relocated, yet J.J. was unable to make a similar commitment through matrimony. The fans' ire was further stoked in Season 7, when J.J. requested a new proposal ... after Will is nearly killed. Essentially, it took the potential death of her child's father, with whom she'd been in a long-term relationship, to fully commit to him.

Of course, every relationship is different — and to be completely fair, the journey to love and commitment often detours down a few side roads, both in real life and on TV. In this case, it's fairly clear that Will was traveling the path faster than J.J., which likely endeared him to viewers and led them to feel he deserved better. In the end, though, after a series of twists, turns, and tragedies, J.J. and Will arrived at the same destination.