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How Cinderella's Billy Porter Really Feels About Playing Fab G

A fresh take on "Cinderella" has arrived on Amazon Prime Video. It's film with modern humor, musical numbers set to pop songs, and a new look at some cherished characters.

The world of Amazon's "Cinderella," directed by Kay Cannon, at first looks a lot like what viewers might expect from a traditional rendition of the story, with period-appropriate sets and beautiful costumes. The film contains many of the same characters and story beats that anyone familiar with the fairy tale would recognize, as the story revolves around a young woman, Ella (Camila Cabello) who wants to attend a local ball, only to be thwarted by her evil stepmother, Vivian (Idina Menzel).

However, viewers will know that "Cinderella" is headed in a new direction as soon her Fabulous Godmother, or Fab G (Billy Porter), shows up. Fab G arrives in a glittery golden outfit, and sets "Cinderella" on her way to the ball. From there, "Cinderella" defies expectations, as Ella tries to balance her affections for Prince Robert (Nicholas Galitzine) with career ambitions that begin with her dress shop, Dresses by Ella.

As such a crucial point of deviation from the fairy tale, Billy Porter's portrayal of Fab G in "Cinderella" proves pivotal in setting the tone for the rest of the story. Porter spoke about his experience filming this updated version of the classic story, and in the process revealed how he really felt about playing Fab G.

Billy Porter: Playing Fab G is the 'culmination of my life'

Billy Porter sat down with Collider to discuss how he became involved in "Cinderella" and what made the role unique for him. His attraction to the part stretched back all the way to a different adaptation of the classic fairy tale, the 1997 Rodgers and Hammerstein produced "Cinderella," which features Whitney Houston as the fairy godmother.

Porter explained that as a young person, he had "longed and dreamed to be the male Whitney Houston when [he] grew up," and that being offered the same part in another reimagining of the story was a dream come true. 

Porter went on, "Fab G, to me, is the culmination of my life, my journey, the trajectory of not only my career, but my personal journey," and that being offered the chance to rebrand the role within the context of the film was a vindication of his choice to live as his "authentic self."

Porter also discussed the challenges he faced early on in his career, remarking, "Being Black and queer in America and in the world has never been popular." He also noted that he never would have had a chance to play Fab G if he hadn't lived his authentic life, even when it was difficult to do so — which was usually. 

"It's really profound and magical," Porter said, "and magic has no gender, so here I am."