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The Pokemon Fan Theory That Will Change How You See Nurse Joy

A very interesting "Pok​​émon" fan theory was shared on Reddit by EXGShadow, and it's likely to totally transform the way you think of Nurse Joy.

A post shared to the r/pokemon subreddit on August 29 caught the attention of 15,000 people and counting within days. EXGShadow broke down a compelling theory, complete with links to photo evidence: "Nurse Joy is a Pokémon. There's multiple identical versions of her scattered around the world. There's a shiny form. There's an alolan form (and other regional forms, too) When they breed, the offspring is the same species as the mother." The Redditor concluded by saying that theory was "pretty obvious."

As Farfetch'd as the fan theory may seem (Poké-pun fully intended), the evidence is pretty compelling. After all, there are some bonafide Pokémon with healing abilities, including Chansey, a Pokémon that has a history of working with Nurse Joy. And you won't find duplicates of the main human characters in "Pokémon." If there were multiple Ashes in various regions with different forms usually reserved for Pokémon, fans would certainly start raising some eyebrows. As evidenced by fan comments, many people are quite intrigued by this Nurse Joy theory.

Nurse Joy's Secret Identity

Fans took the theory that Nurse Joy is a Pokémon and ran with it. As one Redditor theorized in the comments, "Maybe everyone is a Pokémon. Maybe Ash is the only human left after The Great Conflict." Along the same lines, others brought up the possibility that Officer Jenny is also Pokémon. While a big hole in the Nurse Joy as a Pokémon theory is the fact that most Pokémon only speak a few words at most, NS479 filled in the gap with this explanation: "Alternatively they all learn to talk like humans like Meowth did. That's why they can't use moves." This point totally opens up the theory since Meowth proves that it's possible for Pokémon to learn human speech, but for a surprisingly dark reason.

If you're still not convinced, remember, there's more to "Pokémon" than it first seems, like sneaky little details adults catch about the franchise. Take the fact that Phantump is literally the spirit of a dead child, or that Drifloon's whole deal is stealing away the souls of children to the underworld. There's plenty more creepy and reality-bending content in the franchise that will make viewers question what they thought they knew.

Considering how tough it would be to live as a human in the "Pokémon" world, it makes sense that Nurse Joy might not even be human at all. Take it or leave it, it's a fascinating fan theory from the continuously vibrant "Pokémon" community.