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The First Wheel Of Time Trailer Will Transport You To A Fantastical World

Amazon has an incredibly exciting fantasy project on the horizon. With magic and epic quests, it's the fulfillment of your wildest Dungeons & Dragons campaign. No, of course we're not talking about "Lord of the Rings." Why would you think that?

There's a different fantasy adaptation making its way to the streaming platform a lot sooner, and it's called "The Wheel of Time." It's based on the best-selling book series of the same name written by Robert Jordan, and the hype has been through the roof with this project ever since our first look at Rosamund Pike's Moiraine surfaced. The character's a magic-user who goes on a mission with five young people to determine which one of them is actually the reincarnation of the all-powerful Dragon, who will either save the world ... or destroy it.

Amazon is going all in on fantasy shows, and now, we have our best look yet at the project. The first trailer for "The Wheel of Time" is here, and it promises the most fantastic adventure that's ever happened in the Randlands.

The Wheel of Time trailer offers stellar battles and mystical enchantments

Whatever happens now, there's no turning back.

"The Wheel of Time" trailer promises an epic adventure in a similar vein to "The Lord of the Rings," where battles between the forces of good and evil take place. The trailer emphasizes the importance of the unsuspecting heroes as Moiraine seeks to protect them from The Dark One. And all of the fight sequences and soaring landscape shots are accompanied beautifully by the incredible score from David Buckley.

The thing that should excite fans the most is the confirmation of a premiere date, namely November 19. We know there will be eight episodes of Season 1 (via Nerdist), and Amazon clearly has a lot of confidence in the story already. The company has solidified plans for Season 2 even before Season 1 has a chance to air (via Deadline). The novel series has 15 volumes in addition to some auxiliary materials, so there's plenty for the writers to adapt from for a long time to come.

The trailer shows just how much world-building will take place within the first season alone, allowing fans and newcomers alike to pick up the story quickly and become wrapped up in its enchanting world. For the next great fantasy series, you know where to be on November 19.