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Love Strikes Twice - What We Know So Far

The concept of somebody having their "one true love" has fascinated people for generations. People fortunate enough to have met their soulmate perpetuate the idea that somewhere out there, everybody has their own perfect match waiting for them. However, it seems Hallmark wants to put these age-old ideas to the test with its upcoming TV movie, "Love Strikes Twice," which tells the story of a woman who gets a second chance at her lifetime of romance.

At the moment, not too much is known about this upcoming movie. It has received barely any attention from most of the mainstream media publications. However, Hallmark has shared some details regarding the upcoming film's release date, cast and plot. Is "Love Strikes Twice" something that's worth your attention? Well, take a look at what we know so far, and see if you fall head over heels for Hallmark's heartfelt heroine and her supporting cast.

When will Love Strikes Twice be released?

This is the most straightforward question to answer when it comes to "Love Strikes Twice." That's because Hallmark is keeping no secrets about the film's release date. According to the official Hallmark Channel website, "Love Strikes Twice" is set to release on October 2 at 9 p.m. ET on the Hallmark Channel. The film is part of Hallmark's "Fall Harvest" series, a yearly event where Hallmark debuts several original films during the fall season.

However, the decision to premiere "Love Strikes Twice" in October might feel a bit odd to some, as of all months October is the one most associated with horror due to Halloween. Then again, horror has never been Hallmark's comfort genre. Aside from the typical romance films, the company relishes in making Christmas movies. As such, it's not a huge surprise that "Love Strikes Twice" seems to be ignoring the spookiest time of the year for its release, especially as part of its Fall Harvest event.

Who is in the cast of Love Strikes Twice?

So far, Hallmark has revealed the three major cast members who will be starring in "Love Strikes Twice." The film, which focuses on a love triangle between the heroine and her two would-be suitors, stars Katie Findlay as Maggie. Her two potential romances, Josh and Rick, are played by actors Wyatt Nash and Marshall Williams respectively. However, these three aren't all that make up the cast for "Love Strikes Twice."

According to IMDb, the film also has a fair-sized supporting cast backing its three primary characters. Three of these characters seem to be related, as George, Estelle, and Ash Hartman share the same surname. They are played by Alex Poch-Goldin, Sharon Bajer, and Matthew Lupu respectively. The rest of the cast is rounded out by Erik Athavale and Brynn Godenir, who play the characters Malcolm Baxter and Carrie Bowedin — as well as Henriette Ivanans, who plays an unnamed judge.

What is the plot of Love Strikes Twice?

The core premise behind the story in "Love Strikes Twice" is fairly unique for a romance film. It stands somewhere between your standard love triangle plot and a reversal of "13 Going On 30." However, instead of a film about a teenage girl wishing to be older and suddenly waking up as a 30-year-old, "Love Strikes Twice" is about a woman wishing to become younger. In a time when Maggie seems she cannot solve her marriage issues with her husband, Josh, she wishes for a second chance and winds up 15 years in the past.

Armed with her knowledge of the ensuing 15 years, Maggie has a hefty decision on her hands. At this point, she has two potential boys to pair up with. The first, being her future-husband. The other is her then-college boyfriend, Rick. Whatever the case, love will surely strike a second time for Maggie. The only question is, who will it strike? Fans will have to wait to find out when "Love Strikes Twice" debuts this October.