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The Rocketeer Fans Just Got Exciting News

30 years and untold measures of niche enthusiasm later, it's now being reported that "The Rocketeer" is ready to take flight again.

IN 1991, Walt Disney Pictures released "The Rocketeer," a double pour of nostalgia harkening back to World War II-era serials. The film, directed by Joe Johnston and based on the Pacific Comics character created by Dave Stevens, followed the adventures of Cliff Secord, a stunt pilot who has greatness thrust upon him in the form of a retro-futuristic jetpack and flight helmet. Brimming with the sort of period piece adventure flare that would eventually lead to Johnston being asked to helm "Captain America: The First Avenger," "The Rocketeer" stumbled at the box office, but would go on to capture the imaginations of audiences for decades to come thanks to its iconic costumes, set pieces, performances, and effects.

Now, Deadline is reporting that years of good will from fans has finally paid off, as Disney is apparently in the process of reviving the franchise with a sequel series, tentatively titled "The Return of the Rocketeer."

The Rocketeer is coming back to Hollywood - protect the sign

Per Deadline, "The Return of the Rocketeer" is set to be written by "Now You See Me" and "Jessica Jones" scribe Ed Ricourt, and produced by David and Jessica Oyelowo, with David Oyelowo potentially starring in the project. This time around, the series will shift focus to the story of a former Tuskegee airman whose skills as a pilot are put to new use when a familiar jetpack drops into his life.

This announcement marks the latest step forward for the "Rocketeer" brand, with Disney Junior dipping their toes in the waters two years ago in the form of a computer animated children's series, also titled "The Rocketeer." The show followed Kit Secord, the great-granddaughter of Cliff from the original stories, as she took up the family mantle to become a high-flying local hero.

News of this latest entry in the series is still thin on the ground, but we'll be sure to keep you posted in the days ahead. Bring chewing gum, just in case.