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Brendan Fraser Fans Want Him In The MCU As This Surprising Character

Brendan Fraser has already given us so much — "Encino Man" and "George of the Jungle" in the '90s, the "Mummy" movies moving into the 2000s, those three episodes of "Scrubs" that still make adults cry. It almost seems selfish to ask him for anything else.

Yet somehow, in the first act of the 2020s, society found the sheer gall to cry out for more cuts from the Fraser blade. More specifically, fans asked that their favorite Canadian-American movie star be included in the biggest film franchise of all time. That Fraser has yet to make an appearance in the MCU seems like an egregious oversight. Sure, he's been super people before, most notably rocking the character of Cliff Steele/Robotman alongside Riley Shanahan on DC and HBO's "Doom Patrol," but Bren-thusiasts want to see him on the big screen, alongside the likes of Spider-Man and whichever other Avengers are still in the mix post-"Endgame." What's more, in a bright and beautiful corner of Reddit, the sharpest minds of a generation have already come up with the ideal character for him to play.

Brendan Fraser fans want Brendan Fraser to play the MCU's Brendan Fraser

Responding to an article titled "I need Brendan Fraser in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I don't care who he plays" which received "Paddington 2" levels of approval with a 99% upvote rating, members of the /r/SaveBrendan Reddit board came to a singular conclusion: Brendan Fraser should appear in the MCU playing Brendan Fraser.

"Just (a) friend of one of the Avengers that he happened to meet in a bar," one user suggested. "Actually I want that to be a whole movie." From there, the idea went straight to the great Reddit writer's room, blossoming into something beautiful. User Semi-Hemi-Demigod imagined a world where the Earth's Mightiest Heroes got a burr in their collective paw about everyone liking Fraser more than them. Extradimensional forces would use the conflict as an opportunity to invade, leaving the Avengers with more than they could handle and the star of "Dudley Do-Right" to save the day, teaching everyone a valuable lesson about the importance of friendship in the process. They also mention that the film should be set "twenty years after the events of 'Mystery Men,'" which doesn't totally track, but hey. Whatever it takes to get more "Mystery Men."

Also, nobody brought this part up, but Disney could call the movie "Avengers: Brend-game." You're welcome.