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Every Netflix Action Hero Ranked By Total Damage Done

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There's a cost to doing business with an action hero. They might save the day, but chances are, they're going to cause some serious damage along the way. It's not fair to hold a hero accountable for any messes caused by the villains they face in a film, of course, but even the best good guys tend to be pretty destructive to property.

However, some action heroes are more economical than others. By taking their fights away from population centers and keeping the mayhem contained to remote areas, for example, a hero can avoid the kind of city-wide catastrophes that make for the costliest superhero showdowns in cinema. So, how do the heroes of Netflix's action fare stack up in the way of price points? Well, we decided to look back and price out all of their damages. Here's a look at how they rank in total damage done in their films.

We Can Be Heroes

The pint-sized good guys in "We Can Be Heroes" have the right idea about relocating their fights with the aliens to more rural regions and even, better yet, to the headquarters of the aliens themselves. After all, the kids have seen that their own parents, the Heroics, are a whole lot messier with their day-saving adventures. For instance, Crushing Low destroys an entire town hall building (at least $1,407,500 to construct) just by making a clumsy entrance.

So, the price tag for the baby Heroics' bout with the extraterrestrial invaders is actually pretty small, especially compared to some of the others on this list. For example, the kiddos use their own creativity and specific talents to make a mess-free escape from the Heroics' headquarters. They do steal a train car (worth $25,000 at least) and run it into a nice gazebo (which can cost $5,860 on average), but otherwise, the group leaves little property destruction in their wake, at just around $30,860 of damage.

The Old Guard

The semi-immortals in "The Old Guard" have been around long enough to know the value of a dollar. And that may be why they have some very budget-friendly maneuvers in their repertoire throughout the film. Before they find out that their child-saving mission is a farce, they use stealth to take out a series of guards in their way, and the property damage is rather limited, with just a simple door explosion ($398). And even though Andy (Charlize Theron) could've theoretically caused hundreds of thousands of dollars by crashing that plane to teach Nile (KiKi Layne) a lesson, she's smart enough not to damage the vessel or its cargo.

Even when Andy's team is hiding out in France, they stick to an abandoned town where the wreckage from the resulting siege is limited to a building that's already ruined, so Andy's blast signal causes little or no real cost. The battle at the pharmaceutical headquarters is where the most property destruction goes down in the film, but even then it's Merrick's (Harry Melling) crew that does the most damage with explosives and gunfire. But we do have to credit Joe (Marwan Kenzari) with that big broken window (about $10,800 to replace the pane), Andy with another exploded door ($398), and Nile with the pancaking of a lovely Peugeot (which is worth approximately $40,364.10 new). Even still, the immortals manage to keep the repair costs relatively low at just $51,960.10 over all.

Project Power

In "Project Power," it's not the heroes who do the most damage. Instead, it's the people taking the titular drug who end up bringing the most havoc to New Orleans. But that doesn't mean the undercover operation to take down the purveyors of Power comes without some costs.

Sure, it's Newt (Machine Gun Kelly) who sets his own apartment ablaze, and Biggie (Rodrigo Santoro) becomes a giant and lays waste to the below-ground bar after his presentation. But between Art (Jamie Foxx) and Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), there are several Power pills consumed (at $500 each, that's about $2,000), and it's Frank who sets off a chain reaction with gas tanks to blow up the whole bar ($110,000 on the low end since this off-books operation is probably not insured).

Plus, Frank steals a bicycle ($350), Art slashes a bike tire ($25) and "borrows" some scissors ($1.88), Frank steals a motorcycle ($4,999), and Robin lifts a can of tomato soup ($.85). And once they're finally on board the villains' ship, Robin puts an ax into a control panel ($3,500), Frank breaks a flood light ($400), and Art takes out quite a few shipping containers (at least $2,000 apiece, so let's say it's a dozen, bringing things to $24,000). And let's not forget the stolen lifeboat ($10,000 at a minimum). So while they're hardly the most disastrous people we meet in "Project Power," the heroes of the film still cause about $155,276.73 worth of damage.

Sweet Girl

In "Sweet Girl," Jason Momoa's Ray Cooper teams up (in a manner of speaking) with his daughter, Isabela Merced's Rachel, to seek justice against a greedy pharmaceutical tycoon, and things turn deadly for both of them. The dynamic father-daughter duo causes a fair amount of damage along the way of this vengeance scheme. First, there's the matter of the pharmaceutical CEO's ruined luxury suit. Dry-cleaning it would probably cost around $20, but he seems like the kind of guy who'd want a full-on replacement. So, we're looking at $3,000 of damage right off the bat. Then, a nice-sized fire extinguisher is, well, extinguished on their watch, and replacing that item might cost around $45. Rachel also steals a $20 book and a burner phone, which should cost at least $15.

Meanwhile, without insurance involved, the damage that's done to the interior of that motel room could be extensive. The items smashed in the showdown with the attacker in this scene include a closet door ($178 minimum to fix), a mirror (median cost at $266), a lamp ($23.50 average cost), a window ($180), the porch rail (at least $420), and a sedan car window below ($216). Of course, the real damage comes along later, when the Coopers' revenge scheme takes down two Range Rover SUVs — new models have a starting sticker price of around $92,000 each. Also, there's the matter of a ticketless entry into a Pittsburgh Steelers game (worth around $150 for a home game).

For her final act, Rachel severely damages an EMS truck while escaping the clutches of the FBI (let's give a conservative estimate of $400 for body repairs on this one). In all, the "Sweet Girl" protagonists are relatively low-key when it comes to getting the job done, but they still tick in a good deal of damage at around $188,913.50.

Thunder Force

We can only imagine how many millions of dollars were spent making the Thunder Force possible, but their superhero adventures cost a pretty penny too. To be fair, Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) should get a little credit for fixing a broken church angel (-$141.73), but after that, she causes quite a bit of damage. First, she spills her beer on Emily's (Octavia Spencer) nice sweater ($30 for dry cleaning). Then she breaks her building's window and dislodges part of the sign ($10,800). She also puts a hole in the ceiling ($100), and during their first official mission, she wrecks a display shelf ($349.10) and at least half a dozen liquor bottles (at $19.99 each, let's call this $119.94). But the store clerk is happy to let her walk away with that pickle bag for free because the cash register is still full thanks to her work.

Lydia also breaks a diner stool ($199.89) in half during her spat with Laser (Pom Klementieff) — although, that's definitely the least bit of damage to the poor place — and then her costliest stunt comes when she throws a giant city bus ($250,000 at least) in a moment of sheer frustration with the Miscreants. During the final fight, she hits Laser with a large garbage container ($2,227.44), and Emily pelts her foe with a computer monitor ($100). Then, Lydia uses an already broken support beam to throw the King (Bobby Cannavale) through a wall and a window ($10,800) before breaking another window ($10,800) to deal with a bomb. For her final act of destruction, Lydia also ruins the nice dress shoes (averaged at $85) of political candidate Rachel Gonzales (Melissa Ponzio). So, while Emily ponies up most of the cash for Thunder Force to become a thing, it's Lydia who brings the team to a total damage factor of about $285,469.64.

Spenser Confidential

Spenser (Mark Wahlberg) is effective at breaking both the noses and personal property of the bad guys in "Spenser Confidential." The former police officer turned inmate turned freelancing detective certainly tries to be frugal about his shakedowns, like when he cleverly uses a pedicure foot bath to give his mark a swirly during a spirited interrogation. But by the end of the investigation, the amount of damage he's done in the process of serving justice is pretty extensive.

First, it's his partner, Hawk (Winston Duke), who gets even with a cat-killer by slashing all four tires on his Corvette Z06 ($1,084.34 to replace) and carving a feline face into the door ($300 minimum to repaint). Then, when the fight moves to a local restaurant, the destruction continues when Spenser slams his newest foe into a kitchen fridge ($969.99), across a restaurant food bar ($180 to replace the glass), and into a table and chair set (about $382) — all before Hawk drives a Riviera through a couple of windows (say, $180 each, so $360). 

The real price point of Spenser and Hawk's unlikely partnership comes along when the two ram a semi-truck ($165,000 average for a new one) into at least four SUVs (they're $32,925 each, so that's $131,700) and that yellow sports car ($85,000). On top of that, there are also a few more diner tables destroyed (let's call it two sets at $328 each, so $656) during Spenser's hand-to-hand fight with his ultimate frenemy, Driscoll (Bokeem Woodbine), so at the end of the day, Spenser's unpaid operation ends up costing a mint, with about $385,632.33 worth of damage.


Chris Hemsworth's Tyler Rake might try to be a stealthy in-and-out operator in "Extraction," but even with his best efforts to keep a low profile and a small footprint during his rescue mission in Bangladesh, things spiral out of control. His first major move doesn't make much of a financial impact, even as he mows down the gobs of goons who've kidnapped poor Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal). He puts some bullet holes in a front door ($398) and does some, um, damage to that garden rake ($7), but otherwise, he's a total bargain in this rescue, breaking mostly things that are already broken.

Once Tyler learns that saving Ovi will be much more complicated than originally thought, the price tag of this adventure goes up exponentially. Not only does he ruin a nice Mercedes sedan ($33,650), but at least six police cars are also wrecked in a chase. Since the low-end average of a new car in Bangladesh is around $23,524.89, that's another $141,149.34 right off the top. Later, he also kicks in a couple of door locks (valued at around $15 apiece to replace, so let's call this $30), causes a pileup of at least four other cars (add $94,099.56 to the damage tally with that), and steals a truck that's full of supplies and crashes it into a pile of other wares (add at least the cost of the average car here, $23,524.89).

Tyler later smashes in the windows of a couple of vans ($200 times at least two), but he does manage to tighten up the purse strings a little during his unfortunate dispute with Gaspar (David Harbour), breaking only a single coffee table ($200 average). When the action moves to the bridge, though, the real expenses start piling up. First, Tyler uses a grenade launcher to take out a police truck (let's go with $23,524.89 again here), and then he completely ravages a large flat (which could cost around $52,000) with a grenade drop. And even if you don't count the wrecked helicopter and slew of smashed vehicles during Saju's (Randeep Hooda) deadly trek across the bridge, we should at least tally up the vehicle that Tyler drops a grenade into (another $23,524.89 at least). So even though Tyler starts out as a thrifty killer, by the end of his extraction effort, he's got a body full of bullets and an expense bill of at least $392,508.57. 

The Mitchells vs. the Machines

The Mitchells aren't responsible for most of the damage that befalls the world after the machine invasion in "The Mitchells vs. the Machines," but they still rack up a pretty considerable series of expenses before, during, and even after their world-saving adventure. For starters, Aaron uses an obscene amount of phone minutes to dial strangers to talk about dinosaurs (but hopefully his parents have an unlimited phone plan to keep that cost at a minimum). Then, since Rick and Katie fight over her latest video creation, Rick accidentally causes Katie to smash her laptop, which will probably cost around $700 to replace.

Once the PAL robot apocalypse begins, Katie uses a severed robot arm to throw a car (average cost at around $39,950) into a giant tank of gas (at least $1,500), which then knocks over a massive dinosaur statue. Rick then smashes all three of the family's cell phones to protect everyone (the average price for a smartphone is $208 apiece, so that's at least $624). And while the initial melee at the mall isn't the Mitchells' fault — after all, it's the animated appliances and giant Furby that go on a destruction spree — Katie's decision to literally burn the whole place down for a cool camera shot is on her (the average mall costs $24.9 million to build). 

Even after the Mitchells manage to take down the machines, they still do some damage, like Linda accidentally blowing something up during a family photo, Rick breaking another laptop ($700), and Aaron jumping through a window ($180) for almost no reason at all. In the end, the Mitchells have caused a hefty amount of damage, in the neighborhood of $24,943,654.

6 Underground

Perhaps it's no surprise that it's the richest action hero on all of Netflix has the biggest damage budget to show for himself, but it's undoubtedly true. In "6 Underground," there's an almost inestimable amount of damage done by One (Ryan Reynolds) and his elite team, starting from the very first mission, when the "ghosts" careen around Italy and crash at least a dozen fancy cars (even at average car cost, this would be $479,400) and a potentially priceless museum artifact (let's guess that statue is worth $1,000,000).

It's also hard to put a price tag on the damage that's done when Seven decides to flood the entire royal suite by shooting out the pool (conservatively, a nice penthouse costs at least $50,000,000 in Hong Kong). But the number that we do know — and what puts the "6 Underground" ghost squad at the tippy top of the price list — is the fact that they literally sink an entire yacht that costs $1 billion manat ... or $588,235,290. So even without ticking up every single car and Vespa and statue that's obliterated in the course of their off-books mission, we know that the cost for this coup was at least $639,714,690 — far and away the most expensive action heroes on the streaming service. But hey, that's what happens when you have a billionaire philanthropist who wants to get his own hands dirty to save the world!