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How The Walking Dead Fans Really Feel About Maggie In Season 11

As the final season of "The Walking Dead" begins to unfold, the splintered group of survivors are increasingly desperate to repair their fallen communities and defend themselves against their latest threat: the Reapers. Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan), who returned after six years, quickly resumes a leadership position and sets out to take down their enemies and rebuild their lives yet again.

Season 10 began to explore the fraught dynamic between Maggie and Negan Smith, the Savior who brutally killed her husband, consequently turning her into a single mother. Despite his role in defeating the Whisperers and efforts to integrate with the group, many still struggle to get over his heinous past — especially Maggie.

On a mission to find food and supplies, Maggie frequently clashes with others about what their next move should be. Negan, in particular, questions her decisions and is shot down whenever he suggests they take a break or figure out a safer plan. In the apocalypse, what is considered a "safe plan" is never without risks. Fans on the show's subreddit have had a lot to say about what she's been up to, including her scheme to kill Negan.

So, what do "The Walking Dead" fans think of Maggie so far this season?

Maggie needs to slow down

Fans are debating whether it's fair to "(blame) maggie for people dying during the mission" under a thread started by u/spiritualquv. With Maggie's persistence that the group pushes on in spite of allowing a teenager to be torn to pieces by walkers, or after Alden (Callan McAuliffe) is wounded by a Reaper, many fans agreed that her leadership has been compromising for the group.

Some pointed out that her stubbornness paired with her hatred of Negan has created unnecessary complications, even when he's in the right. "I like Maggie and I fully understand her hate for Negan, but she's being a bit reckless right now," said u/ColleenRea.

Another Redditor said they'd loved Maggie until this season, explaining that ever since she returned "to play dictator" they can't stand her. "Not at least until she admits that she's being reckless," they added.

While most get why she's so against Negan, some fans have gone as far as saying that the late Glenn would side with Negan regarding the group decision-making. "She's not wrong for wanting justice," said u/DerosiaLerox. "She's wrong for jeopardizing everyone's lives in order to get vengeance."

Of course, some fans believe she's doing the best she can considering their circumstances. "I don't blame Maggie for the things that went sideways," said u/Joker274044, referring to the storm, onslaught of walkers, and the Reapers. "Those things are out of her control."