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Why Emma Beesly From Clickbait Looks So Familiar

In the Netflix miniseries "Clickbait," Adrian Grenier of "Entourage" fame portrays Nick Brewer, a man who, to many of those close to him, appears to be a prototypical family man. However, Nick mysteriously disappears — then surfaces in an online video in which he holds a sign announcing that he abuses women and that, if the video reaches 5 million views, he'll die. The series then examines how Nick's relationships with certain women landed him in such a dire situation, as those who think they know him best investigate whether or not Nick is hiding an abusive past.

One of the women with whom Nick seems to have possibly had an extramarital affair is Emma Beesly. Nick and Emma had met on a dating app, on which Nick used an assumed name. After the video's release, Emma ends up traveling to Oakland, where she meets with Nick's family. As Emma and Nick's family get to know each other better, however, it becomes clear that Emma may not be telling the whole truth about her supposedly close relationship with Nick.

Emma is portrayed by actor Jessica Collins, whose filmography is comprised largely of TV work. Here is why audiences may think she looks familiar.

Jessica Collins was Lizzie Miller in The Nine

The title of the single-season ABC drama "The Nine" refers to a group of nine individuals all present at the scene of the same bank robbery. Over the course of the 13 episodes of the series, the lives of each of its central characters come into focus, revealing both how they ended up at the bank and how their lives were changed in the wake of their shared experience.

Jessica Collins portrays Lizzie Miller, a social worker who is one of the nine titular lead characters. Lizzie is in a relationship with Jeremy (Scott Wolf), a surgeon and another one of the nine customers at the bank on the day of the robbery. Furthermore, Lizzie is pregnant, which she finds out only just before entering the bank and becoming a hostage. In the days following the incident, Lizzie and Jeremy's relationship becomes strained, putting the future of their unborn baby into question.

Collins was The Miniature Killer in CSI

The Miniature Killer is a serial killer introduced in Season 7 of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." She has a particular modus operandi of leaving miniature models of each of the murders she commits behind at the scene of the crime. For much of the season, the identity of The Miniature Killer is unknown to audiences and the Crime Scene Investigation team alike. Finally, in the Season 7 finale, the killer turns out to be a woman named Natalie Davis, marking Jessica Collin's first appearance on the series.

Rather than having the CSI team apprehend Davis at the end of the season, the finale episode ends on a cliffhanger that sees investigator Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) trapped under a car by Davis. In the Season 8 premiere, Sara escapes and the team captures Davis for good. Even so, Collins reprised the role for a third and final time in a Season 9 episode titled "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda," which gives viewers a brief glimpse into her character's life in the wake of her arrest.

Jessica Collins was Maggie Young in Rubicon

AMC conspiracy thriller "Rubicon" stars James Badge Dale as Will Travers, a researcher skilled in recognizing and understanding patterns. He lends his skills to an organization called the American Policy Institute, which aids the US government in identifying patterns within data compiled by intelligence services. Will's research eventually uncovers a vast government conspiracy that even implicates members of the very agency he works in.

Jessica Collins portrays Maggie Young, Will's assistant at the American Policy Institute. Maggie's relationship with Will is complicated by conflicting allegiances. On one hand, Maggie is romantically interested in Will, who sometimes appears emotionally impenetrable, and at other times seems to reciprocate her affection. On the other hand, Maggie is clandestinely working for Kale Ingram (Arliss Howard), a US intelligence officer who gathers secret intel on Will's goings-on from Maggie. As the series progresses, Maggie's secret spy work for Kale perpetually threatens any interpersonal headway she seems to make with Will.

Collins was Cynthia on Revolution

Sci-fi drama "Revolution" premiered on NBC in 2012 and ultimately ran for two seasons. The show's creator, Eric Kripke, also acted as the showrunner on both "Supernatural" and "The Boys." In "Revolution," society is impacted by a widespread and permanent electrical blackout upon the series' opening. This event leaves humanity without technology and stratifies society into tribe-like groups.

Aaron Pittman (Zak Orth) is one of the series' central characters, drawing upon his background in the tech industry in his post-apocalypse role as a schoolteacher when he's first introduced. He ends up dating Cynthia in Season 2, who's portrayed by Jessica Collins. While their relationship with one another is relatively stable, things are thrown off balance when a face from Aaron's past returns.

Early on in the apocalypse, Aaron abandoned his then-wife, Priscilla (Maureen Sebastian), who eventually resurfaces in the series' present. Aaron and Cynthia's relationship is also complicated when the violent Andover Clan threatens Cynthia's life. Aaron saves her, but dies in the process. Soon after, he's resurrected through the use of Nanintes, which are microscopic machines that prove integral to the story of "Revolution" moving forward. 

Another villainous group, called the Patriots, end up threatening Cynthia's life to try to harness use of the Nanites for themselves, marking the climactic moment of Collins' run on the series.