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See Kristen Stewart Channel Princess Diana In The First Trailer For Spencer

The world will never, it seem, cease its fascination with Diana, Princess of Wales. 

The real-life tragedy of "The People's Princess" has spawned a number of fictionalized retellings of her life story over the past few years. From occupying a heavy part of the narrative in the Emmy-nominated dramatic serial "The Crown" to inspiring a Broadway musical based upon her life, she still captivates the world decades after her death.

"Spencer," a fresh biopic about Diana, is gearing up for its theatrical release, and it's cast a surprising actress to portray Shy Di: Kristen Stewart ("Twilight," "The Runaways"). Apparently, it will cover a single weekend in the princess' life. It's set over a Christmas holiday in 1991, within the Sandringham estate, and it will focus on Diana's choice to leave her marriage to Prince Charles (via Harper's Bazaar). It's a lot of ground to cover, and a lot of triumph and heartbreak to pack into such a short runtime. How does Stewart fare in the brand-new trailer that just dropped for the film?

They know everything

The images which pack the "Spencer" trailer will be somewhat familiar to those who had followed Diana's story. We note the inner workings of life in the British royal family – staff members moving crates of possessions, walking the queen's team of Corgis, and preparing what appears to be creamy bowls of soup, which are then delivered by well-mannered butlers. We cut immediately to Stewart as Diana, trying to manage what appears to be a panic attack in a bathroom. There's a knock on the door. Someone informs her that "they're waiting for you."

A series of quick cuts show us Diana being overwhelmed by the paparazzi, running about the hallways of palaces in designer gowns and across well-manicured lawns in same, kissing her sleeping son goodnight, staring defiantly at Prince Charles, and dancing alone in empty drawing rooms. "They know everything," we hear, before the trailer cuts to Stewart wearing one of Diana's very '90s casual outfits. "They don't," she says, in a well-delivered British accent.  

You can watch the theatrical trailer for "Spencer" above. The film will be released to theaters on November 5, 2021.