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Isekai Quartet: Another World - What We Know So Far

Kadokawa has garnered significant success thanks to its output of anime projects. This fact wasn't lost on the company as their latest financial report revealed their plans to produce 40 anime titles a year. This is due to the company turning a profit in 2020, despite the massive issue of the pandemic wreaking havoc on many other anime studios and manga publications (via Comicbook.com). Kadokawa's success in anime is probably related to its staggering output of anime projects in the isekai genre.

Isekai, which places a protagonist in another world and is usually based on a light novel or manga, has become popular among anime fans, and Kadokawa has a major slice of that profitable pie. Some of the company's best hits include "KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!," "The Rising of the Shield Hero," "Overlord," and " Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-." In 2019, the company produced "Isekai Quartet," a chibi-anime series that combined the stars of the company's isekai projects and ironically placed them all in yet another parallel world. The series may have wrapped up its second season in 2020, but it's not done yet, as Kadokawa revealed a new film for the series titled "Isekai Quartet: Another World."

Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming movie.

When is the release date of Isekai Quartet: Another World?

The good news is that an official release date for "Isekai Quartet: Another World" has been announced. The bad news is that fans of the series, especially international ones, are in for a wait. The official Twitter for the upcoming movies announced that it is scheduled for Japanese theaters sometime in 2022. No other specific date for the film is listed just yet. 

With Kadokawa's goal of releasing many anime projects within a year, it's hard to pinpoint exactly when in 2022 the film could premiere. However, given that it's arguably a big project for the company, the movie's debut is probably a major priority and could likely mean a release sometime during the first half of 2022. As for international fans, there is currently no official release date at all. 

However, as the movie gets closer to a specific premiere date, that's probably when plans for an international release will be revealed. It's also likely that Crunchyroll could have their hands involved in the international streaming of the film, as they also have the first two seasons of "Isekai Quartet."

Who are the characters for Isekai Quartet: Another World?

When it comes to characters, it is best to think of "Isekai Quartet: Another World" as the "Super Smash Bros." of Kadokawa's Isekai anime projects. With so many characters from the series shown in the brief trailer for the upcoming film, it's almost better to ask, "Who isn't in Isekai Quartet: Another World?" As seen in the brief teaser, the film will feature the main cast of characters featured in "Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World," "KonoSuba, Saga of Tanya The Evil," "The Rising of the Shield Hero," "Overlord," and "Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious."

This includes some of Kadokawa's popular leads for these anime like Ainz Ooal Gown from "Overlord," Kazuma Satou from "KonoSuba," and Tanya von Degurechaff from "The Saga of Tanya the Evil." In addition to the known cast, it is possible that the movie could also feature some new additions. Per Comicbook.com, the "Isekai Quartet" staff did tease that fans would be seeing more characters added from some of Kadokawa's other isekai projects. While some took that as meaning for season 3 of the anime series, it's not unlikely that this could occur in the film instead.

What is the plot of Isekai Quartet: Another World?

There isn't an official plot reveal for "Isekai Quartet: Another World," but given the title, it seems likely that the cast may end up transported into a different parallel world, much like they were in the anime series. The plot of the series (via Crunchyroll) centers on the protagonists of "KonoSuba," "Overlord," "Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World," and "Saga of Tanya the Evil," all pressing a button in their respective worlds and becoming transported into a different world which brings them all together and places them in high school. Eventually, as the series continues, the cast grows in the second season as the protagonists from 'The Rising of the Shield Hero" and "Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious" also find their way to this new high school setting.

Maybe instead of high school, our cast transports to a university for the film. Or maybe they can to crash and explore in each other's worlds. What we can definitely expect in the movie is some of the same comedic hijinks featured in the anime series. "Isekai Quartet" is a lighthearted take on a genre and batch of characters that can sometimes take itself very seriously. "Isekai Quartet: Another World" might provide a unique challenge for its cast by placing them in a different world again, but there will still be plenty of laughs from the film.